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09 September 2012

I need sleep

Another cranky night has passed.

Prepared a bottle from a packet of 110ml ebm at 1 plus am, hoping that she would drink as much as she wanted and sleep well through the night. And she drank around 60ml at 2am, then I put her back to sleep and pumped, but she refused to sleep and she cried again, and drank the balance 50ml at close to 3am after I pumped. Then at 3:40am she cried again to latch... Latching on till 4am... Finally slept.

At 5:40am she cried again and latched on and off till 7:10am... Then at 7:20am she cried again *omg* she finally latched to sleep at close to 10am. And I can have some water, take a toilet break and finally snooze.

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