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27 September 2012

Emo mummy

Yes that's me.

I was cuddling my little darling and singing to the songs on radio... And suddenly started wondering if baby would recall those days when she's in my bump and I was singing to her. Or maybe long forgotten. And I started crying... In no time, she will not remember today, when I latch her for hours to keep her satisfied and cuddle her in my arms to keep her comfy. Just like sometimes I forgot to appreciate my own mother and the things she does for me, and snapped at her at times when I get impatient. I cried even more... One really have to experience being a mum to appreciate what a mum does.

And it didn't help that radio was playing Jay's 《枫》...


Even if I have bountiful of love for my precious darling now, one day she's going to stop needing me and eventually leave. The thought makes me super emo and I just can't stop my tears from rolling down my cheeks... as baby latches on once again and looks at her crying mummy with bright curious eyes. Baby, mummy loves you so much... mummy is overwhelmed.

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