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01 September 2012


I'm becoming this emotional wreck and crying myself to sleep. In fact I'm crying ever so often these days - while feeding, pumping, bathing, carrying baby and sleeping. (>_<) Now I'm missing my hubby like crazy and just scalded my fingers with the sterilizer because I'm too anxious to retrieve the bottle as baby was crying... And that's after I have breast-fed her, so getting bottle ready for the expressed milk. She always doesn't have enough and takes so long to feed. I'm tired. In fact at my post-natal appointment, my gynae says I look so tired, i look worse than when I was giving birth! He also said baby's been torturing me... Haha. Being a mummy is just so tough!! Can't wait for confinement to be over, so I can go home and let hubby share half the load, plus stop missing him so badly of course. Although I'll definitely miss my mum's cooking then.

Okay, I'm done crying... Blogging is therapeutic... Hohoho. Goodnight world! I shall snooze before baby cry for milk again... Desperately need sleep now.

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