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07 March 2013

Dear baby

Will you remember the love
Many years from now
The nitty gritty and the many
Major things I've done

The pain and pushes and you popped
The first cuddle and kiss
The many helpless sleepless nights
And the latching I persist

The love for such a tiny you
Grown deeper than the sea
I'll shower you with care and love
Beyond anyone's belief

My heart aches to learn that soon
I won't be your everything
And I really cherish every moment
With you, my sweet darling

The nights you woke me up
And then I cuddle you to sleep
The days you make everything worthwhile
You mean the world to me

When you are all grown up one day
And need no more of these
Remember I'm loving you
With every breathe I breath

With love,
7 March 2013


jOleently said...

400 uteNhnOMG. A lovely poem u done here!

It truly reflects how parents esp mom feels towards their babies. You have done a way much better role than me.. =D

deedee said...

hey Joleen! thanks!! i'm sure we are all great mummies in our own ways ^^ suddenly got inspiration so wrote this... hahaha... i like to write once in a while, just glad that you've been reading so i'm not just sharing stuff without any reader! haha... thank you!! :D