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12 October 2021

Lunch Box Ideas For Myself

Information https://www.edgewaterps.wa.edu.au/uploaded_files/media/foodforkids_booklet.pdf

Lunchbox Notes,  Jokes & Riddles

09 October 2014

I really need more time to blog

I can't believe I've left this blog untouched for almost a year!! Teaching and motherhood has not been a breeze for me. There's been lots of updates that I've been wanting to post, but never gotten down to doing it.

And here's my brekkie this morning just to make sure this entry won't get too boring XD

Mine's the one at the bottom that has no meat or fishcake! :D

05 January 2014

Cool cafes around Singapore

Here's the ultimate cafe guide that my friends shared on Facebook: Cafes in Singapore sorted by location

I've been seeing friends, colleagues, students and other instagrammers posting gorgeous foodie pics from their visits to most of these cafes but I've only been to PS Cafe at Dempsey, Wild Honey at Mandarin Gallery,  Hoshino Coffee at Plaza Singapura, Sun Ray Cafe and The Coastal Settlement, out of this long long list. Suddenly I feel like my life is so deprived. What have I been doing all my life?! I need to go cafe hopping soon!

I just need to... find time... and maybe someone who's willing to join me on my cafe-hunting excursions.

Added later: Found yet another link worth keeping as reference =) Best Pancakes, Waffles and French Toast in Singapore

01 January 2014

Happy 2014!

I really couldn't find time to update all the fun stuff that I wanna share on my blog, including our staycation after my bro's wedding, the splendid holidays, lots of food, lots of fun, another visit to SEA Aquarium for hubby's co family day, and many more stuff.

But I won't miss my only chance to wish all my friends a very very blessed and blissful 2014!!

Have an awesome and joyous year ahead~ Anyway this video is kinda a summary of our potluck dinner last night, our happening and sumptuous last meal of 2013. And do check me out on Dayre... I just registered yesterday and I already wrote a long entry on my last day of 2013. Check it out! It's so much more convenient to be able to constantly update one entry in real time on the phone. But I will still come back to share some backdated stuff, especially on my staycations etc cos I don't do them often! :D

Enjoy your 2014!

07 December 2013

I love school holidays with baby

How not to love, right? One of my favourite part of my holidays with baby is her one-week PlayNest class at Julia Gabriel Centre! Scroll down and see more :D (Click pic to see more descriptions on Instagram if there's no caption. I'm being toooo lazy XD)

She was a little botak for a while...

And I only bought two pairs out of these two...

Sitting in a box of balls XD

She loves curry!
Feeding herself.

Baby's in my school canteen!

Haha having a "picnic" in my school canteen as I'm back on a Saturday for a day camp.

My brother's birthday falls on Halloween!

Loving herself ^^

Everyone's saying she looks like a big girl in this dress.

Guo Da Li for my bro and his wife-to-be!

We bought a blackforest cake for my dad's birthday :D

In my school before we embark on our staff retreat.

It's December already!

Hi everyone! (anyone's still reading this?)

Wow how time flies! It's December of 2013 already, and I'm kinda depressed because school reopens in 3 weeks time! (o_O)!! Every morning I'm woken up by gentle strokes on my face as my darling baby sayang me awake, then we snuggle and cuddle and huggle and kiss each other in bed. I'm seriously so gonna feel like crap when school reopens.

Anyway I've been contemplating to just stick to Instagram or try out Dayre... and then today I found out that... I can't download Dayre app on my iPhone4S because i'm still using iOS 5.1! (o_O)!!! Horror of all horrors! I do not have any free space in my phone to upgrade my iOS yo, so well... let's just forget it or wait till I get a new phone or something. I've been thinking about this blog but hardly get time to update (or spent too much time updating my Instagram?!) and I'm still wondering if I should continue to blog. Or maybe the main question is.. will I continue to blog? Now that I'm a full time working mom? Hmmm...

Some little foodie updates... brace yourself for 94 pictures, coming up!!

05 October 2013

Lunch Punch giveaway and my Saturday night dinner

On the Wednesday that's just passed, two lady colleagues and I went out shopping together after work. And I bought for myself these loots from our enjoyable shopping trip =) we were also so tired that we decided to sit down for a drink at Starbucks...

That very night, I couldn't wait to try the cutters out, so I used the long beans fried egg fritters (leftover from MIL's homecooked dinner) to make little sandwiches, and wanted to cut the sliced cheddar cheese and wrap it around the tiny sandwiches. However, the cheese kept breaking apart when bent. So in the end, this was what I had that was presentable after destroying 3 slices of cheese, and eating all of them... Will try again another time!! Now I can't wait to play with all my bento stuff over the school holidays ^^

I seriously hope I'll win it, so I can play with more things during my school holidays! I wanna keep the giveaway to myself but well, good things are for sharing right? Do check her blog out for more details! :D

And here's my dinner for tonight... our lazy stay-home Saturday night...

21 September 2013

Staycation at Shangri-La (part 4)

And it's the last day of our 3-day staycation at Shangri-La...

I got crazy at the breakfast buffet again, as usual...

Hubby's much more in control! Haha~

More of mine~

More of hubby's~

Some more of mine!

Some more of hubby's~


Still mine.


Still mine. *OMG*

I shared this with baby~

One last shot of the lovely view from our room's balcony.

Before we left, we had some food at the cocktail bar.


Not a spread but the food was decent.

As usual, I took a lot, hubby took a little, and baby had her bread roll.


My lovely one.

More from me.


And a last shot before we left the lounge and left Shangri-La... byebye Shangri-La!

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13 September 2013

Staycation at Shangri-La (part 3)

The afternoon of day 2 at our staycation! :D

Met Mummy Cami and Baby Sophie at The Rose Veranda for high tea buffet ^^

My little darling munching on her teething rusk~

Love love!

The spread...


Yup, my sushi ^^

Cami's spread.

Woohoo desserts!

More desserts.

Even more desserts!

Oh yea!

Mummy Cami and Baby Sophie darling :)


More meat for Cami~

As our babies interact...

Dessert time!

Cheese and crackers.

The laksa station.

The salad station.

And more food.

Fried food and pastries were kept warm inside.

Steamed dim sum.

Scones for baby and me!

Baby girlie loves it ^^

And some more food before we leave :D

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