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05 October 2013

Lunch Punch giveaway and my Saturday night dinner

On the Wednesday that's just passed, two lady colleagues and I went out shopping together after work. And I bought for myself these loots from our enjoyable shopping trip =) we were also so tired that we decided to sit down for a drink at Starbucks...

That very night, I couldn't wait to try the cutters out, so I used the long beans fried egg fritters (leftover from MIL's homecooked dinner) to make little sandwiches, and wanted to cut the sliced cheddar cheese and wrap it around the tiny sandwiches. However, the cheese kept breaking apart when bent. So in the end, this was what I had that was presentable after destroying 3 slices of cheese, and eating all of them... Will try again another time!! Now I can't wait to play with all my bento stuff over the school holidays ^^

I seriously hope I'll win it, so I can play with more things during my school holidays! I wanna keep the giveaway to myself but well, good things are for sharing right? Do check her blog out for more details! :D

And here's my dinner for tonight... our lazy stay-home Saturday night...