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21 March 2013

Belated entry on the week of my birthday

Yea, nothing's new - another photo-intensive post this is!! Yes!! And took me soooo long to watermark my pics and upload them. Oh well, I do those two on each picture individual via apps in my phone... not very good on my eyes but I can do it on the go. Haha~


Mummy cooked lunch.

Nursing room at IMM level 3. We were here to shop around in Daiso before going for our dinner.

Dinner will be here! The stretch of eateries under the MRT tracks at Tradehub 21. I bought the Groupon voucher for Cafe de Paradiso, a vegetarian restaurant along this stretch.

I was with my parents and baby and while waiting for my brother to arrive, mummy ordered a mini pizza as appetizer. She used to make pizza but she hasn't for ages and she said she missed the taste of pizza... and so this was just for munching. And we ordered a good amount of mouthwatering dishes as we celebrate in advance... my birthday!! :D

10 March 2013

The rest of the week

I guess it won't be any surprise if I say this will be another photo-intensive entry! XD I've already posted about Monday in the previous entry, so this updates about the rest of the week ^^

Yes I made pancakes again. And baby was so funny, rolled over to my leg and cuddled it... cuteness overload. Oh well, I'm in a lazy mode so I guess I'll just let the captions speak for themselves...

MIL cooked dinner.

My sleeping child :)

This advanced "birthday present" came in the mail... A DIY "present" and a voucher. The mini DIY present is actually a magnet, with a thin piece of magnet stuck to the back of the cut-out.

07 March 2013

Dear baby

Will you remember the love
Many years from now
The nitty gritty and the many
Major things I've done

The pain and pushes and you popped
The first cuddle and kiss
The many helpless sleepless nights
And the latching I persist

The love for such a tiny you
Grown deeper than the sea
I'll shower you with care and love
Beyond anyone's belief

My heart aches to learn that soon
I won't be your everything
And I really cherish every moment
With you, my sweet darling

The nights you woke me up
And then I cuddle you to sleep
The days you make everything worthwhile
You mean the world to me

When you are all grown up one day
And need no more of these
Remember I'm loving you
With every breathe I breath

With love,
7 March 2013

04 March 2013

7 + 1 days worth of photos

A busy week packed with activities and finally I found time to blog! And yes, this is just another of my photo-intensive entries... I just can't stop myself from taking all these photos, even when my iPhone and my MacBook are both complaining as they're all running outta space!!

Monday - Our first trip to Babies r Us

Wake up right next to this happy baby showing off her two little teeth! :D

MIL heat up a bowl of red bean soup for me as breakfast, and also steamed sweet potatoes for us... tiny and cute sweet potatoes for baby and for me!

Pureeing a sweet potato for my little darling with my brand new Grundig hand blender!

Feeding my little darling... it's her first time having sweet potato!

Lunch - MIL bought nasi lemak for me from the coffeeshop downstairs.

Brought baby out alone and heading to Babies r Us for the first time!

Was there with Cam, her hubby and baby, and another fellow mummy 

And the babies had a blast trying out the various jumperoos!

Cam left with her family, while Siling and I went for a break at Saizeriya Ristorante e Caffe. Here's my cream of mushroom (only $2.90!!) and Siling's salad from her lunch set.

Siling was starving... I think she didn't have lunch yet? She ordered this and it came with a plate of rice!

My margherita pizza that cost $6.40.

I bought these - an "ez-wipe" bib and two mats, one for fellow mummy Lipeng.

I also bought baby her first doll! Princess Sophie from Lamaze~