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30 December 2012

Last Sunday before 2013

Hubby has been on leave and I've been pestering him to bring me out for breakfast for days... finally today we went out for breakfast. We went to the McD nearest our place shared a Breakfast Deluxe Supreme, which has two strips of bacon, a sausage, scrambled eggs, two pancakes and two muffin buns. We also ordered an additional hashbrown and iced milo.

Although most of the items come in twos, we did not share them like most other couples did. Oh yes, we saw many couples sharing this Breakfast Deluxe Supreme because it's just too overwhelming for us! My meat-lover hubby gets his protein while poor me had a carbo-load. Hahaha~ Oh well, I'm not complaining. It's yums!

Dinner was a gathering with hubby's aunt and cousins at Uncle Leong Seafood in Punggol.

29 December 2012

A blessed and thankful year

This has been an extraordinary 2012. I've transformed from an insane clubbing pregger to an obsessively-insane, newborn-loving, baby-wearing, frequently-latching, kinect-dancing, diaper-changing, insanely-obsessive mother. This is probably the one most significant change that has ever occurred in my life. And everything is made easier because of you, our lovely friends.

We just can't live without friends. And I'm so very grateful of the many great friends we've got. Hubby's friends/family/colleagues/relatives and mine combined have helped us save a lot and make it possible for me to save up for my no-pay leave... I can't imagine if we still have to pay for the baby cot, playpen, ferrari carseat, play gym, bouncer, ergo baby carrier, medela freestyle, tonic, thermometer, toys, and all those baby swaddles, rompers, dresses, mittens, booties, nappy liners, baby wipes, bibs, shoes and many more... plus things we bought with the vouchers and cash gifts we received, including all those baby wipes, cloth books, mattress and playard. What have I done to deserve this? I must be very very blessed!

It has been a wonderful year because all of you have been such wonderful friends! I am truly blessed and I wanna say THANK YOU!! ♥

Thank you my little precious one for coming into my life and showing me how very blessed we are. Thank you dear wonderful people in my very blessed life~ The new year is arriving in 2+ days... Wishing everyone a very happy and blessed 2013!!

28 December 2012

Last Friday of 2012

Another "happening" day of December. :P We lunch out and then I had a great time with my lovely friends in the evening.

MIL went to BIL's place to do some cleaning in the morning, and then returned around 1pm. We were all hungry and haven't eaten, and MIL suggested lunching at... this place again!

MIL, FIL and I all had the lemon honey drink, while hubby drank his favourite coca cola.

MIL and FIL arrived earlier to get a seat in the restaurant while hubby and I went after parking the car and putting baby in her stroller. MIL ordered all the dishes that I can eat :)

27 December 2012

Ajisen, then Ah Dong again

Met two mummies from the forum and we had a shopping spree at Watsons members-only sale, and then lunch together. Three mummies and two babies hanging out together at Ajisen Ramen~

In the evening, hubby and I went to Ah Dong Teh House for dinner again as mum-in-law didn't cook dinner. This time we brought our little precious and my mum-in-law along with us~

Baby in her stroller~

We sat outdoors this time. There were other families having dinner at Ah Dong~

Hubby ordered mango ice blended and got this weird looking concoction XD

My dinner - curry chicken with rice - super filling!!

There were 5 drumlets in the chicken curry!! As I don't take meat, I took them out for hubby and his mummy.

My drink - strawberry milkshake! But I was too full to finish it after my curry rice. MIL had grass jelly drink which is not in any pic~

Hubby's drink turn a grotesque green after mixing the yellow and blue XD

MIL's fried rice with chicken chop, served in a claypot.

Hubby's fried rice with pork chop... fried rice going at one-for-one with NTUC card ^^

Leaving the place... it's already dark. Haha, before the food was served, I was quite impatient as I wanna took the pics before it get too dark as we're sitting outdoors where there's limited lighting =P

Another great day has passed! :D

Mummy's cooking - an old album

I found this photo album on my mummy's cooking in my old Multiply account... I love my mum's cooking and I miss it so much after I'm married and moved away from my family. Every time I visit my folks, I look forward to eating my mum's wonderful cooking again!

These are pics from 2007, when I was still single and staying with my folks. Enjoy!

22 April 07

26 December 2012

Boxing Day 2012

Went out early in the morning for a play date with my girlfriends and their kids!

Hubby, who's clearing his annual leave, came to fetch me and we went to Old Airport Road for lunch with his colleagues.

We were home after lunch and hungry in the evening, and hubby suggested ordering dinner so I searched online and found ThaiToGo Thai food delivery... This is our first time trying ThaiToGo and we ordered "三菜一汤" (3 dishes & 1 soup). 

We had seafood tomyum soup, sweet and sour tofu, lemon chicken, sambal kangkung and 2 servings of white rice at S$34 including delivery charge and GST. The sambal kangkung was pretty spicy, in fact too spicy for hubby, and there seemed to be a lot of food for two. We ordered this much as we had to hit the minimum order of $25, excluding delivery charge and GST. Overall, we enjoyed our dinner. Hubby commented that the food wasn't fantastic but was pretty decent for the affordable price. My comment? Very filling!! XD

25 December 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Awww... the year has flew past so quickly and before we know it, it's Christmas again!

On Christmas eve, hubby and I went out for dinner at Sakae Sushi.

These were just starters as we wait for our main courses to come.

23 December 2012

The Sunday before Christmas

My baby is 4 months old today! :D

Love the baby milestone cards that my cousin gave me~ ^^

And yup, it's another day packed full of activities!

First stop: My friend's place for house warming cum her daughter's first birthday party! :D

Just look at the spread of buffet on the balcony~ What a splendid view!

The lovely Hello Kitty cake for the little princess~

While my little precious fell asleep and slept soundly through the birthday song and cake cutting, on the birthday girl's mattress~

Second stop: Our friends' place. The couple are both hubby's colleagues and we've been hanging out together since way before our wedding. They got married earlier this year and on the Sunday before Christmas, they hosted a mega potluck party!

There was way too much food and I couldn't fit all the dishes into this collage!

Besides turkey, salads, sushi and sashimi platters, 5 pizzas, popcorn chicken, garlic bread, chocolate fondue, rojak and log cake, there were also ribs and pork knuckle, pastries (croissants, swirls, apple crumble and cherry crumble), cream of mushroom, ice cream, booze, gyoza, lava cake, etc... Whooping lots of food!! Which made me glad I don't take meat... With my gluttony everything-must-try spirit, I'd be stuffing myself silly!!!

22 December 2012

Ah Dong Teh House

Once again, there's nothing at home, we're sick of the food at the coffeeshop downstairs and bored of the typical delivery... suddenly I remember seeing the sign on the way home, pointing to Punggol Promenade. When we saw the sign, we were wondering which restaurant has closed down to make way for the new eatery, so this was a great opportunity to find out! XD

Ah Dong Tea House is now located at the hut that used to be a Japanese restaurant. The seafood place has also made way to a new one...

Inside Ah Dong... the current simple menu is temporary as a complete menu will be out in 2013.

The cream of mushroom is creamy and yum! The portion is small but that's good! Usually we got quite full after just having the soup >< It's affordable at $2.90 ^^

Our drinks - hubby had grass jelly drink while I had milk tea with grass jelly.

20 December 2012

Olio Cafe & Skinny Pizza

This is a day of catching up. First, I met a secondary school ECA buddy Sharon to catch up over lunch at Olio Cafe, with my little precious tagging along to meet the lovely lady. How time flies, my dear friend is already a mother of two, and still as sweet and dear as ever!

We both ordered the yummy cream of mushroom, which is actually very filling by itself!

She had pizza~

While I had the wild mushroom sandwich.

After our main courses we ordered a carrot cake to share, and one banana orange smoothie each.

19 December 2012

Going out everyday!

This entry has food pics taken over 3 days: 17, 18, 19 December 2012

On 17 December, I met my girlfriends of many years for a dinner gathering at Brotzeit German Bier & Restaurant where we indulge in good food while catching up on one another's life.

This starter is vegetarian.

Some other stuff that the girls ordered...

09 December 2012

All by myself

"When you pushed out a baby, you realized suddenly you are wonder woman and you can tackle anything!!"

I just told that to my friend, who's marveling about how I could bring baby out in a stroller and take train to a friend's place, all by myself.

Baby was alert and looking around with her big round eyes throughout the journey on MRT~

Well, I never knew I could do it, but today I did it! I just did it!

And I took the elevators a whooping 14 times today! WOW!!

1. Home to ground level
2. Ground level to LRT concourse level
3. LRT concourse level to platform level, took LRT
4. Reached MRT station, LRT platform level to concourse level
5. Concourse level to NEL platform level, took MRT
6. NEL platform level to concourse level, change MRT line
7. Concourse level to EWL platform level, took MRT
8. Reached destination, EWL platform level to concourse level
9. Concourse level to ground level, walk to friend's house and crossed 3 roads
10. Ground level to friend's house
11. Friend's house to ground level, hubby fetch me to my parents' place
12. Ground level to my parents' place
13. My parents' place to ground level, going home
14. Ground level to home... home sweet home!

07 December 2012

Baby's photo Friday

This morning, I tried to let baby sit on the sofa and took this shot. Love the effect of it, looks like studio photography. Haha~

I'm home alone with nothing to eat and a baby to take care. I was about to submit to instant noodles when my uncle called. My uncle and aunt came to visit and brought me lunch and fresh fruits. :) When I let them carry my little one, she started crying, kept looking at me with longing eyes while huge beads of tears rolled down her cheeks. My uncle and aunt were saying she's only 3+ months and already so sticky to me, then I can prepare to quit... how to go back to work next year with her like that? ><

Here's my lunch: yummy mock fish chop rice!

My little darling has become very sensitive to my camera (my iphone) and will always look when I wanna take a shot, even when she's busy with her thumb, haha. ^^

30 November 2012

Nursing rooms experiences

I have always been googling reviews of nursing rooms in the various shopping malls that I'm planning to go to. Those blog entries really help me a lot. These two are the ones that I prefer to most: this & this =)

Here, I am not doing a review as I am just not that good at gauging the conditions... however I'm gonna share the experiences I have in the various nursing rooms that I've been to so far.

Compass Point:

The first ever nursing room that I've visited. Spacious diaper changing and nursing room. 2 diaper changing stations and 2 individual cubicles that can be locked. Two persons can be seated inside comfortably, along with the stroller inside. I have nursed here a few times and so far so good.

Isetan @ NEX:

I haven't nursed here. In fact, I was here alone (while waiting for my colleagues to catch up over lunch on Tuesday) but I just wanted to check out the nursing rooms as I've read good reviews from the other blog entries that I've seen. Spacious with 2 individual nursing cubicles, each comes with an armchair and a small table.

Takashimaya level B2:

I was there today with hubby and baby. Baby pooed while on the way to Takashimaya, so I quickly searched the location of the nursing rooms in Takashimaya while still in car. We parked our car at level B3 and went straight to the nursing room in level B2 to change her diaper. There are 2 individual nursing rooms, each with one armchair and also each with one drop-down nursing station.

Takashimaya level 3:

After our lunch, baby seems hungry and it was 3 hours after I last nursed her, so we went to check out the nursing room in level 3. The cubicle cannot be locked and has only a curtain which makes me feel very insecure. I put the stroller right at the curtain and I thought I heard someone came to the curtain and left, probably upon seeing my stroller the person knows the cubicle is occupied. There's a sign that says no males are allowed at the nursing cubicle, and ample diaper changing stations at the other side, with chairs and benches for family or friends who are waiting while the baby is being nursed.

Oh yes, I was in Takashimaya today after my post-natal gynae check up. Had this for breakfast at the Delifrance in TMC before my appointment.

After my appointment, we headed down to Takashimaya to shop for Christmas gifts. This was my dear baby's first trip to Orchard Road~ :)

Oh look at that fascination... she likes Hello Kitty! Yes!!! :D

Lunch was at the food court in B2. I had yong tauhu noodles while hubby had chicken rice.

We bought a playard for baby and several Christmas gifts for hubby's nephews and for my gift exchange sessions coming up, and got a $10 voucher that will expire in 3 days. It is only valid in the children's department and we are definitely not coming back to Takashimaya anytime soon, so after lunch we shopped around and I decided to buy another cloth book for baby. :) This is her second cloth book, her first one on counting and numbers was bought at Kiddy Palace.

Lastly, something to share... taken at the clinic while waiting to see my baby's PD, some weeks ago. =)

It says: One hundred years from now... it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove, but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a CHILD.