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30 December 2012

Last Sunday before 2013

Hubby has been on leave and I've been pestering him to bring me out for breakfast for days... finally today we went out for breakfast. We went to the McD nearest our place shared a Breakfast Deluxe Supreme, which has two strips of bacon, a sausage, scrambled eggs, two pancakes and two muffin buns. We also ordered an additional hashbrown and iced milo.

Although most of the items come in twos, we did not share them like most other couples did. Oh yes, we saw many couples sharing this Breakfast Deluxe Supreme because it's just too overwhelming for us! My meat-lover hubby gets his protein while poor me had a carbo-load. Hahaha~ Oh well, I'm not complaining. It's yums!

Dinner was a gathering with hubby's aunt and cousins at Uncle Leong Seafood in Punggol.

Gotta queue... very good business...

Finally we got in and while we waited patiently for our dinner to be served, baby entertained herself with her toys in her stroller~

Finally, dinner's served!

Veggies for me!

Steamed fish with fried preserved radish 菜脯蒸鱼

As we eat, baby fell asleep while "eating" her fingers, as usual...

While everyone else was looking forward to the next two dishes being served, I was done with my dinner and spent the rest of the time watching 7 adults getting their hands busy with crabs and prawns. XD

As we left, we walked pass Ah Dong Teh House and saw this very interesting decoration on the wall outside. I wonder how I've missed it the other two times! XD

It was an enjoyable dinner and we hope we can meet up again before hubby's cousins return to USA!

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