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27 December 2012

Ajisen, then Ah Dong again

Met two mummies from the forum and we had a shopping spree at Watsons members-only sale, and then lunch together. Three mummies and two babies hanging out together at Ajisen Ramen~

In the evening, hubby and I went to Ah Dong Teh House for dinner again as mum-in-law didn't cook dinner. This time we brought our little precious and my mum-in-law along with us~

Baby in her stroller~

We sat outdoors this time. There were other families having dinner at Ah Dong~

Hubby ordered mango ice blended and got this weird looking concoction XD

My dinner - curry chicken with rice - super filling!!

There were 5 drumlets in the chicken curry!! As I don't take meat, I took them out for hubby and his mummy.

My drink - strawberry milkshake! But I was too full to finish it after my curry rice. MIL had grass jelly drink which is not in any pic~

Hubby's drink turn a grotesque green after mixing the yellow and blue XD

MIL's fried rice with chicken chop, served in a claypot.

Hubby's fried rice with pork chop... fried rice going at one-for-one with NTUC card ^^

Leaving the place... it's already dark. Haha, before the food was served, I was quite impatient as I wanna took the pics before it get too dark as we're sitting outdoors where there's limited lighting =P

Another great day has passed! :D


keelyn said...

Blogging again!!! Nice to see your post again. Keep on posting :)

deedee said...

heehee yea!! i dunno how long i can keep on posting though... i'm on unpaid leave for almost half year to take care of baby... can't say i'll continue after that. but indulging while i can! haha ^^