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07 December 2013

I love school holidays with baby

How not to love, right? One of my favourite part of my holidays with baby is her one-week PlayNest class at Julia Gabriel Centre! Scroll down and see more :D (Click pic to see more descriptions on Instagram if there's no caption. I'm being toooo lazy XD)

She was a little botak for a while...

And I only bought two pairs out of these two...

Sitting in a box of balls XD

She loves curry!
Feeding herself.

Baby's in my school canteen!

Haha having a "picnic" in my school canteen as I'm back on a Saturday for a day camp.

My brother's birthday falls on Halloween!

Loving herself ^^

Everyone's saying she looks like a big girl in this dress.

Guo Da Li for my bro and his wife-to-be!

We bought a blackforest cake for my dad's birthday :D

In my school before we embark on our staff retreat.

It's December already!

Hi everyone! (anyone's still reading this?)

Wow how time flies! It's December of 2013 already, and I'm kinda depressed because school reopens in 3 weeks time! (o_O)!! Every morning I'm woken up by gentle strokes on my face as my darling baby sayang me awake, then we snuggle and cuddle and huggle and kiss each other in bed. I'm seriously so gonna feel like crap when school reopens.

Anyway I've been contemplating to just stick to Instagram or try out Dayre... and then today I found out that... I can't download Dayre app on my iPhone4S because i'm still using iOS 5.1! (o_O)!!! Horror of all horrors! I do not have any free space in my phone to upgrade my iOS yo, so well... let's just forget it or wait till I get a new phone or something. I've been thinking about this blog but hardly get time to update (or spent too much time updating my Instagram?!) and I'm still wondering if I should continue to blog. Or maybe the main question is.. will I continue to blog? Now that I'm a full time working mom? Hmmm...

Some little foodie updates... brace yourself for 94 pictures, coming up!!