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01 March 2008

Food tasting

Went for our food tasting at Furama Riverfront today with hubby, his parents, his auntie and uncle, his sister, her family and her maid.


04 February 2008

Making pineapple tarts

Yesterday I helped Tommy's mummy to make pineapple tarts... and made so many of them! His mummy and his sister's maid started making early in the morning while I helped out after I woke up... =P Tommy's elder nephew helped too!!

Then later his 2 adorable nephews, his sister's maid and I had a fun time making cookies together!! We were like a bunch of kids making up funny stuff with the doughs and laughing at one another's creation~ so fun!!

*This backdated entry was posted on 4 Jan 2013

22 January 2008

Our ROM at home

On 16 December 2007, we had our ROM at our home. Here are some photos from the photographer whom we engaged for the day's event.

At our door

My beautiful bouquet

Our wedding bands on our ring pillow

"Level up" from "Miss" to "Mrs"

21 January 2008

Meals over three days

Photos found in an old album and updated in December 2012... taken over 18-20 January 2008 =)
Friday's dinner at my fave vegetarian 煮炒 place! (^_^)
沙律虾 Mock prawns in mayonaise
蜜香鸡 Honeyed mock chicken
马来风光 Vegetarian sambal kangkung
酸甜鱼 Sweet and sour mock fish
And a soup - further in the background =)