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27 December 2006

I baked brownies

Taken on 22 December 2006, Friday. =) Enjoy~

Getting ready...

I'm baking a tray for a potluck gathering with my girlfriends, and another tray for dear's family, with some left for my own family. =)

While baking the second tray of brownies, my mum boiled the "tang yuan" for us... it's "Dong Zhi" afterall, on 22 December 2006. :)

Eating my sweet sweet "tang yuan"... yummy!

Early next morning~

Realised my handphone's camera couldn't capture the colour of the brownies quite well. The pictures always turn out in a total different tone and shade from the real brownies before me! =/

Finally~ :D Taken on 23 December 2006 at our potluck gathering.

22 December 2006


(1) Canteen cheats!
Click picture to see full size.

Luckily I didn't order that... don't eat turkey meat, or any other meat. Kekeke~

(2) Free logcake~
My colleague brought this...

It's very rich and yummy lor! This one is free, but my colleague said she's selling at 30 bucks per logcake on order... mmmmm~ yum!

(3) Department lunch.
Click picture to see full size.

While everyone else was busy eating... I was busy snapping away at the food. Food turns me my camera on!! :P

(4) Self-designed cards...
...from today's photos!

Are we evil, or what?! *LOL*

Merry Christmas everyone!!! (^_^)v

(5) Christmas Carol~
Not sung by me dudes... it's from Mr Brown!

19 November 2006

Yong Tauhu + Soup Spoon

WoooO~ Long time no update!!! Hahaha~ Paiseh ah, too busy with my sweetheavens blog and neglecting all my other blogs. :P But dun worry I haven't forgotten this blog! And I'm back~ :D

First, my dinner on 10 November 2006, which is what I normally eat on Friday before my Cardio Latino + Hip Hop classes... yong tauhu soup with veggies and tofu. No noodles or beehoon... kosong! Veggies only, doesn't look appetizing to you, but very healthy wor! :P

Then on 15 November 2006, Keelyn and I had dinner at Soup Spoon (Raffles Xchange at Raffles MRT Station) before our facial at OUB Centre. Photos below taken with my W810i~ (^_^)

She had clam chowder while I had the velvety mushroom *blahblah* (some cheem word =X)

My asian tofu salad...

Keelyn's caesar salad...

That's all for now folks~ For more yummy piccys, please stay tuned! :D

18 August 2006

Get Cheesy at Pizza Hut

I was there with my colleagues today and we ordered this Cheesy Delight Meal set for 2 or 3 pax.

My Pepsi.

They were nice to order Veggie Lover for my sake. =)

We ordered a side dish besides the meal set so they can get some meat.

The pizza close up.

A slice in my plate.

The spread on our table.

The cream of mushroom wasn't nice leh, not creamy one.

The pizza's not bad, better eaten while still hot~ I had Pepsi, some cream of mushroom, 2 slices of pizza, the criss-cross wedges and was soooo full after this meal... That's all folks! :D

10 August 2006

Buffet @ Tokyo Japanese Restaurant

The place.

The menu for buffet.

Pay 30 bucks for the buffet dinner and you'll get all these, and more!! Realised we didn't order much sushi~ And it costs only 26 bucks for buffet lunch!

The chawanmushi is superb!! Too smooth! Too creamy!!!

One agedashi tofu and a beancurd steak (in spicy sauce).

Mixed tempura + croquette + California temaki

My nattou temaki~

This may not look smooth but I love the sweet taste! Yummy~

Zaru soba.

Curry udon.

Cold tofu with century egg topping - it's yummy!!

More mushroom tempura and one fried squid ring in bread batter.

Good stuff!! While the rest of the good stuff are unlimited (or while stock lasts *LOL*), this is only served once.

Ice cream~ There were 4 flavours available: vanilla (not in pic), chocolate, raspberry and strawberry. I think the raspberry one is most yummy!

Softshell crabs.


It was a gathering with my friends from NTU, and I really eat till I almost puke lor! Wahahahaha~