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18 August 2006

Get Cheesy at Pizza Hut

I was there with my colleagues today and we ordered this Cheesy Delight Meal set for 2 or 3 pax.

My Pepsi.

They were nice to order Veggie Lover for my sake. =)

We ordered a side dish besides the meal set so they can get some meat.

The pizza close up.

A slice in my plate.

The spread on our table.

The cream of mushroom wasn't nice leh, not creamy one.

The pizza's not bad, better eaten while still hot~ I had Pepsi, some cream of mushroom, 2 slices of pizza, the criss-cross wedges and was soooo full after this meal... That's all folks! :D


keelyn said...

Is the pizza nice? or too cheezy?

deedee said...

i think not bad. not too cheesy cos got the crust to go with it, not like entirely cheese. but prefer if eaten hot.

if u like something cheesy, i recommend Spageddies' 5-cheese pizza! but it's a MUST to eat it while piping hot! keke~

keelyn said...

Next time we go try!!!

deedee said...

ok! :D