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02 August 2006

Crystal Jade @ JP

Was with my colleagues last evening at Jurong Point's 翡翠拉面小笼包. 5 of us ordered: 3碗不同的拉面,1笼小笼包,1笼素菜包,1笼素菜饺,1盘素菜豆包卷,1盘牛肉配云吞。 I don't remember the real names of the dishes so just try to put down the closest description lah~ Keke... and here are the pics!

These pics are not clear cos I took them with my colleague's Nokia 6280, which has no macro mode for close-up views, and no auto-focus too. My own digicam was with me but the batt's totally flat that it won't stay on for more than a second. I didn't eat much cos I still have to eat dinner as mum has cooked my share! Ate a lot. I'm such a glutton!!!

Stay tuned for more food piccys... I had lotsa hearty meals in Brisbane!! (^_^)v Will be back to update~ tata for now!


Cute cousin said...

Is that xlb is that xlb?!?!?!
sorry ah..i completely forget about this blog..so didnt come n visit for some time..hehe..

deedee said...

yes! it is xlb!! muahahaha~ it's ok lah, i also dun always rem my own blogs. hahaha~ esp after i've removed some of the links that were linking them together. :P