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30 June 2006

Department dinner at Pariss

Last night's dinner at Pariss International Seafood Buffet at Marina Square with my colleagues... filled up 3 long tables!! Can you guess which of these belong to me?? :P

3rd row right - my first round: salad + veggies + tofu + rice + curry gravy on rice
5th row left - my second round: strawberry juice + wedges + yam roll + sushi + zaru soba
8th row right - my desserts: the mochi sucks, the rest were nothing terrific, only the nonya kueh was yummy wor...
15th row right - super fresh and yummy papaya milk
18th row left - fruits & ice cream & cubed guava in chocolate fondue
20th row right - more fruits (tomato + guava which is nice!!) in chocolate fondue!

The Soup Spoon + TCC

Dinner with Keelyn at The Soup Spoon before our facial session on 28 June 2006.

After facial we went to TCC at Boat Quay for a short kopi frappe session.

26 June 2006

2 vegetarian tze-char feasts

Post-Daddy's Day celebration on 24th June 2006 at:

This place is next to Allson Hotel and their business is always very good!! See? They even have to reserve tables for their customers wor~

Mayonaise prawns, honey chicken and satays... woooo!

Yummy corn soup that's really sweet and thick. Nice!

Sambal kangkung... my bro and my staple when eating tze-char =D

Steamed mock fish in fried ginger and dark soya sauce... not in menu and recommended by the lady taking our orders. Really yummy wor!

Yummy yummy... all the dishes and my satay =P~~~

5 of us... and we finished every single dish!! *burp* So delicious how can waste wor?!

And lastly, my lemon tea... freshly brewed by the coffeeshop one. =)

Dinner with dear, his bro and his bro's girlfriend, on 25th June 2006.

Sweet and sour mock fish

Gung por chicken

Sambal kangkung again! Yes it's my fave at all tze-char places!!!

All the dishes...

And finally, our satays!!! 20 sticks, 5 each. Wooooo~ *happy*

Realised I had satay 3 days in a row! I almost never get to eat vegetarian satay and suddenly get to eat for everyday! Wahahaha~ =P