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19 June 2006

Feast over my last weekend

Celebrating Father's Day with dear's family at East Coast Seafood Centre on Saturday.

While waiting for our dinner...

时菜 seasonal green

蟹王鱼翅 sharks' fin with crab meat

Fried baby squids

Beancurd with mushrooms (ordered just for me =P)

Boiled live prawns

Chicken satay

Black pepper Sri Lankan king crab

Yong Chow fried rice

More of the crab dish...

Dear ate the big claw!!

Garlic steam codfish


It's honey dew sago~

My bowl of sweet goodies =D

Quite obvious that it's getting darker as we eat... haha~

Lunch on Sunday... Dear's mum cooked vegetarian fried rice, laksa, dear's fave dish and soup. I had the vegetarian fried rice while dear had laksa which comes with fishcakes, chicken, a prawn and "hum"s.

Dinner at Wasabi Japanese Restaurant in Compasspoint~

Dear's chicken katsu bento :)

My yasai tempura rice set... this pic really reminds me of the days I spent in Japan and ate in company dormitory.

Look! I was soooo hungry I actually finished everything!!! *burp*

A little extra but I just wanna share~~~ Today's dinner at home with mum and dad. Fried veggies with bits of shredded mock stuff and 豆包 =)~~ I love mummy's cooking! Yay~ (^_^)v

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