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30 March 2007

Last free weekday

Today is Friday. Starting work next Monday. *boohoo* So giving my baby bro one last breakfast treat before my break ends. Uber pamper him wor!!

Wanted to go out and buy lunch but thinking I won't get to cook much again after today, so ended up cooking something simple for myself. =)

Those 3 pieces on the chopping board are mock chicken bits. Keke~ Too bad no more green peas etc left in the fridge! And halfway through my lunch then I realised I've forgotten the egg! But nevermind, I already had egg during breakfast. Keke~ (^_^)

29 March 2007

Food from past few days

25 March 2007
Met Keelyn to watch Phantom of the Opera and we had lunch at Sakae Sushi prior to the musical.

26 March 2007
Met my dear cute cousin to walk around at JP, and she treated me to dinner at Swenson's! :D

27 March 2007
Having dinner with Rachel and Charlene at JP's Banquet foodcourt after Belly Blitz at Amore.

28 March 2007
Lunching with dearest Huiling at JP's Kopitiam foodcourt, then had coffee together at McCafe~

After facial with dear Keelyn last evening, we met Mr Pilot King and went to Lau Pa Sat.

I think this entry made Mr Pilot King seems like a real pilot who just returned from Japan! LOL~ Please don't be bluffed... =X And I had hot milk tea last night. Keke~

29 March 2007
Terrible cramps this morning. =( I ate a slice of bread and drank 1/2 cup of coffee... but ended up puking everything out. I was in pain the whole morning till afternoon, and kept vomiting everything that went in. Even plain water. Was feeling so dehydrated, dizzy, and helpless... all alone at home and too weak to even walk. Eventually I managed to fall asleep after struggling for a long time in excruciating pain... and woke up a while later feeling much better. Now? I'm just amazed I'm still not hungry yet. Haha!

27 March 2007

French toasties

Currently in my MSN display name:
I just made little bite-size french toasties with a chopped up hotdog bun... :D

Yea I did! Not really tiny bite-size (I have a big mouth =X) but I tore the hotdog bun into 6 pieces and dipped them in a bowl of beaten egg... and then fry them in a nonstick pan with a little tiny bit of margarine.

Although I don't think they really look that appetizing in them. Haha~ I must be hungry. =P

26 March 2007

I cooked udon soup

Watched Phantom of the Opera yesterday at Esplanade with my dear friend Keelyn. After the fantastic musical, we went to shop around briefly at Raffles City and in the end I bought some ingredients to cook dinner for dear and myself as his parents were not in. =)

This meal cost me 15 bucks to get those ingredients, excluding the boiled egg which was raided from his fridge. :P I stir-fried the fresh shiitake mushrooms a bit, then added water and let it boil for a while, then added the golden mushrooms and bring it to boil again before adding the 2 packets of soup seasoning that came with the 2 packets of udon, each of individual serving. Added the udon last and also boiled an egg separately, just to add colour... and protein. :D

The soup base was good and after all those boiling, can taste the mushrooms in the yummy soup too! The croquettes were baked in oven as instructed on the packaging. They were crispy on the outside and very soft inside after I've baked them twice the intended amount of time (after the first time I find them still too soft to be served), and too bland so in the end we added a small dish of soy sauce. Besides that, it was a great meal and we enjoyed it a lot. (^_^)v

A little extra (or you can consider it a bonus): Today's breakfast... Last night was spent watching Prison Break with dear after dinner at his place till late. Dear dropped me off at Yishun MRT station this morning on his way to work, and I had breakfast alone before I took a train home.

I... put too much soy sauce on the eggs. =/

23 March 2007

Today's breakfast with baby bro

It's 8:10am right now. Edited these pics right after my baby bro left home for work. =) Enjoy~

Actually we are very pampered kids. Normally our breakfast (the usual and simple 2 slices of bread with margarine only) is prepared early in the morning by our daddy one lor... =P Only this month I'm not working so I prepare my own breakfast... and created a whole variety of it! Keke~

My break will be over soon *sigh* thus lesser chances to cook after this month ended. *dreads* Can't I just be a housewife and do nothing but stay at home and cook? (and do housework of course...) I envy all housewives!!

22 March 2007

Sharon's Place + More

On Monday I returned from dear's place in the morning and on the way home I bought lunch from Jurong East... yummy lunch!

Then yesterday I went to my secondary school ECA buddy Sharon's new place to cook lunch for her! It's my first time to her new place... haven't visited her after her marriage and this time round I get to visit in the day because she's on maternity leave! Her little baby was so adorable... I kept carrying her around. Keke~ Glad I managed to visit her and play with her little girl before the adorable little Zoe is sent to the enfant school, where she'll be at when Sharon and her hubby's both at work.

Took lots of pics so here's a little miscellaneous before the food pics come! :D

She was kept busy after lunch while I carried baby Zoe around until it was time for tea! She was so busy washing up, doing her laundry, hanging up clothes, washing the plenty of nappy cloth as her little girl kept peeing and peeing (and while I was there she poo'ed once too!). LOL~ How I wish I'm a little baby still, then all I do in the day is drink milk, sleep and pee (plus poo)! =X Alright, enough daydreaming from me... and here's our lunch!!

Returned from her place after 6pm for dinner at home and mum kept dinner for bro and I. :D

One last one before I go... today's breakfast! (^_^)v

Toasted bread with a bit of margarine (on one slice only) melted into it... Toasted till a beautiful golden brown colour and a nice crispy texture. A bit of the fat-free mayonaise on the "roasted" mock goose slices (no oil added!). Well, I don't always eat such sinful breakfast. =P And I love wholemeal bread~ Yum!!

19 March 2007

Over the past few days

15 March 2007: Dinner with Cherlyn at Thai Express (Plaza Singapura). I had the vegetable char kway teow which really only have veggies and kway teow. LOL~

One free bowl of yellow curry veggies when using Citibank card!

16 March 2007: I organized a mini supper gathering for my primary school classmates, especially some whom we haven't met for a long while... and I didn't expect that some of them actually bought a Swenson's ice cream cake for me!!! *touched*

And of course... how could we skip the sedap nasi lemak despite the fullness from the cake and the long long queue? :D

17 March 2007: Dinner gathering with my girlfriends at Jurong Point's The Pizza Place on the third level. =) The food's not bad.

I had the baked tomato fettuccine. :D

18 March 2007: Last night's dinner with dear and his bro at the vegetarian eatery at Hougang - 紫菜蛋花汤,清炒芥兰,柠檬鸡,麦片虾。

Yummy 斋煮炒!! And value for money too!~

Some of the homecooked meals at home for the past few days. =)

I'd definitely miss my parents and mum's cooking once I have to *dreads* move outta home. I simply adore mum's cooking!

Miscellaneous! A yummy cake from my parents~

Taken at home on my birthday on 12th March. (^_^)v

17 March 2007

"Mee-kia" for lunch

Yea, I cooked again. =) Lazy to type, just enjoy the pics! :D

Realised the noodles' not mixed properly in the sauce before those shots were taken... *oops* =X *LOL*

13 March 2007

2 hotdog buns for breakfast

And so I transformed them into hotdogs!

Hee~ I normally eat the hotdog buns plain with margarine only as in hurry to work... but since I'm not working in this month, I get to make real hotdogs for myself! :D

Last night mummy told me there were 2 hotdog buns left and ask if I wanna eat them for breakfast. I normally just take whatever kind of bread there is at home for breakfast... that's what everyone of us in this family does. But I guess since I'm no longer working, mummy does know that sometimes I go out and eat out etc. But I was telling her oh well, yup I'll eat them! And guess what? She knows I'm into making more "outstanding" breakfast these days when alone at home, so she said she'll leave 2 of those mock hotdog sausagesto defroze in the fridge so I can eat them this morning. Yay!!! Mummy is the best~ :D

And then I digged out an egg from the fridge too... (why do I always seem to make my fridge sounds like such a messy place that I had to dig things out? The fact is that our fridge at home is one of the neatest I've ever seen... definitely a lot neater than my messy room! =P)


Oh, and I'd be back to post pics of food taken in Bintan where I've just returned from yesterday. :D

09 March 2007

I cooked again for lunch

Yea! I love it that I don't have to work... and get to stay at home alone in the day~ Cos I get to cook and cook and use the kitchen whole day long, and mum won't be around to nag me! Keke~ =P Not like she'd nag at me lah... But just that she always has a lot to comment when I'm in her kitchen. LOL~

Cooked scrambled egg for breakfast and just cooked again for lunch! I had flour vermicelli (mee-sua) in cabbage soup. (^_^)v Enjoy~

Saw the bottle of chilli meant for chicken rice one... it's homemade by mum's friend and love it lot so couldn't resist dishing out a bit, just for the kick of it! :D

And some miscellaneous pics from past few days~

Simple dinner at MOS on 6th March... tried the souffle as I've not tried it before. Not bad but nothing too spectacular too and guess I won't probably get it again.

And also vegetarian chicken rice for lunch (late late lunch at 3pm) on 7th March. Bought some kiddy snacks for my baby bro and myself too! =)

Hearty breakfasts

Here are my breakfasts for the past few days... (all taken with my phone camera at Pioneer Mall's 口福 foodcourt)

5 March - vegetarian beehoon (with veggies & egg & fried tofu balls) and kopi (yes~ I love kopi!)
6 March - kaya toasted bun set (the 2 eggs were still heating up in the red container)
7 March - vegetarian wanton meepok (bought back by bro after he visited doc, not in picture)
8 March - kaya toasted french loaf set (with my bro who was on MC and he had his fave teh-si)

And here is today's breakfast!!!

I cooked western-style scrambled egg for the first time!! I know it's simple but I've never tried it before... most of the times I cook chinese omelette style or sometimes sunny-side-up. Today I tried beating an egg with some fresh milk and "frying" with a bit of margarine over slow fire on a small nonstick saucepan till fluffy and nice.

Success! (^_^)v

Added cucumber... leftover ingredient from yesterday's potato salad.

And finally dressed the sandwich up a bit with some some tomato ketchup!

Ready to be eaten... How does it look? =)~~

Yum!!! :D Ooooh~ How I love wholemeal bread!!

The last piccy looks a bit different cos taken with my phone camera while the rest taken with digital camera... why take with phone camera leh? Cos I wanna MMS to my baby bro and tempt him! Wahahaha~ I'm a terrible sister. =X

08 March 2007

My rare masterpieces

Masterpiece #1: Super yucky meal by me (14 January 2007)

This was at dear's place on a Sunday evening. It's all the instant noodles, instant Japanese curry... Not much of ingredients. =\ Even used instant noodles' seasoning to cook the soup, and throw in the fishballs and the dumplings which I boiled separately first. And the croquette... dear's place don't even have enough oil to fry them! (>.<)

In the end used the microwave to heat up the entire croquettes first, so the insides won't be cold cos I can't deep fry them and if briefly fry only the insides would still cold. Then briefly fry the surface with the little little bit of oil so won't be soggy but more crispy. And I used up all the oil I could find in his kitchen... and just so little! Why no backup one?! My house surely got lots of oil and sauces and stuff unopened... My mum always buy few bottles at one go to keep one. =/ Okies, enough of my whinings~ =P Here comes the pics!

A decent meal for my darling dear? Ermmm... I personally don't think so. Ugh~ Mission failed!!! =(

Masterpiece #2: Spaghetti and salad (08 March 2007 - Today!)

Went to Jurong Point this morning with my bro to pay the bills etc... initial plan was to have lunch at JP but we were still full from breakfast so ended up browsing around NTUC while waiting for the breakfast to be digested. I suddenly thought of cooking when we were at the sauces department discussing on the various kinds of pasta sauces. Since I'm not working, my dear bro's at home and cuzzie's visiting in the afternoon... Why not whip up a simple meal? So we grabbed some ingredients at NTUC and proceed home~ I cooked spaghetti and potato salad today!!! =)

Without following any recipe, I'm the kind that likes to cook impromptu with whatever ingredients I have on hand, and use portions by feeling (ie. without measuring, just like mum) thus I couldn't come up with an exact recipe for what I've cooked. I was hoping and praying that there were eggs and potatoes at home... and indeed there were!!! Heh~ (^_^)v

There's diced hardboiled egg, diced avocado, diced cucumber, diced potato and cherry tomatos in the salad, dressed with the "reduced-calorie 96% fatfree" mayonaise. Then there's sliced mock ribs, fresh shiitake mushrooms and a diced tomato in the pasta sauce made up of ketchup, a dash of chilli sauce and also a little light soy sauce.

Basically, I only follow recipes when I'm baking. Heh~ Oh yea, my dear cuzzie arrived from her school after her lunch, but I still gave her a small portion of my pasta and salad for her to try. Afterall it's quite a rare opportunity as it's not often that I cook!!!

The 2nd round was with some leftover from yesterday... cos there was a big portioned of boiled but unused spaghetti left after lunch and so I volunteered to cook pasta again for dinner for my parents who've never ever eaten spaghetti before!!! But my mum said there were leftover which she wanted to finish today so i used that for the sauce, and cooked again for my parents.

The leftover consisted of diced potatoes, diced carrots and diced mock ham in a very light sauce. I merely added the fresh shiitake mushrooms and ketchup etc sauces for dinner. =) Glad it turned out well and we had a great dinner with my parents.

My mum was so happy cos she doesn't have to cook dinner and get to rest. She kept telling my dad that their daughter's cooking for them! Hahaha~ Finally I get a chance... otherwise usually my mum dominates the kitchen and just shoos me away :P Not working is gooood... I finally get to cook! :D

04 March 2007

My colleagues love me!

Correction... it's "My EX-colleagues love me!" Haha~ Well, colleagues or ex-colleagues, what matter most is even though we no longer work together, we remain as friends. And these people definitely make terrific friends!!! :D Will definitely miss them lots!!!

Beware... This is a photo-intensive entry! Enjoy~ (^_^)

22 Feb 2007 A dinner treat at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao

Lao yu sheng~

The dishes...

More! Shared by 6 of us. :)

My colleague who paid get to try his luck at the lucky draw and he got these from his 2 draws.

28 Feb 2007 My last day in office where I meet these wonderful friends

My farewell lunch in the company by my department.

The lovely people ordered yummy Oishi pizzas!

Don't they look goooood? :P~~

I bought goodies to treat my dear ex-colleagues too! Here are only 2 of them. :)

28 Feb 2007 A dinner treat at NUS from my biathlon mixed relay partner

After work my ex-colleague Ken and I went to NUS to collect our goodie bags for the NUS biathlon 2007. We just wanna join for the kick of it as we are both newbies to such events. We participated in the Bi-Lite Open Mixed Relay category, and Ken swam 400m in the sea while I ran 2.5km today (4th March)!

On Wednesday we braved the rain (yea right, it was only drizzling) and went to NUS. I had wanted to be out celebrating my last day at work but in the end nothing concrete came outta it and Ken was nice enough to give me a treat! We were at... make a guess?

It's Munchie Monkey at NUS! The environment's quite nice and price reasonable too. :)

The menu.

Our drinks... Ken had a Peach Italian Soda while I had a Cafe Latte.

My Al Funghi ($5.50) which is OK, not terrific but nothing to complain about too... except that there're too much garlic, and I hate garlic. :P

Ken's Seafood Aglio Olio ($7.95) which Ken complained is too dry to his liking; he felt it's more like those kinda Chinese takeaway. Heh~

We also ordered the yummy desserts! :D~~~

In pic above is Italian Chocolate Cake (something similar to Warm Chocolate Cake at Bakerzin) and below is Apple Cobbler. *drools*

02 Mar 2007 KBox dinner buffet treat from the dear sweetie girls

Met my dear fellow lady engineers for a wonderful night at KBox! 6 of us booked a room in advance and we had the dinner buffet!!!

This sticker was given to us to stick on our sleeves to identify us at the buffet counters. :) No sticker? No food!

The spread of appetizers and cold dishes, inclusive of sushi and sashimi.

The spread of main course dishes... there's a free flow of chawanmushi!

The cook-as-you-order counter with the fresh meat and satay, as well as the fried food which were constantly replenished and piping hot! :D~~

And not forgetting... desserts!!! (can you imagine I actually walked around taking pics as the others were busy with the food? :P)

My first serving. :)

One of the girls ordered this from the cook-as-you-order counter.


More sushi!

Freshly grilled satays~

My second personal serving. :)

We were singing and enjoying the food and before we knew it, we had eaten a lot!

And yet more food were brought into the room as we took turns to go out and replenish our "stock". =X

Finally our drinks arrived... too bad drinks are still limited to one per head.

My longan soda drink.

More finger food from the girls!

Finally we've decided to start on the desserts...

And more desserts!!

At last... the ice cream! (^_^)v

It was fun and a great way to eat buffet at KBox as we have 4 hours to sing and eat and take our own sweet time to share and try out all the types of food offered at the buffet. :D

Thanks all my ex-colleagues for all the happy times spent in company, for their wonderful treats and for all the well wishes from them!!! I wish them all the best in everything in life, and may we stay friends forever! :D