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26 March 2007

I cooked udon soup

Watched Phantom of the Opera yesterday at Esplanade with my dear friend Keelyn. After the fantastic musical, we went to shop around briefly at Raffles City and in the end I bought some ingredients to cook dinner for dear and myself as his parents were not in. =)

This meal cost me 15 bucks to get those ingredients, excluding the boiled egg which was raided from his fridge. :P I stir-fried the fresh shiitake mushrooms a bit, then added water and let it boil for a while, then added the golden mushrooms and bring it to boil again before adding the 2 packets of soup seasoning that came with the 2 packets of udon, each of individual serving. Added the udon last and also boiled an egg separately, just to add colour... and protein. :D

The soup base was good and after all those boiling, can taste the mushrooms in the yummy soup too! The croquettes were baked in oven as instructed on the packaging. They were crispy on the outside and very soft inside after I've baked them twice the intended amount of time (after the first time I find them still too soft to be served), and too bland so in the end we added a small dish of soy sauce. Besides that, it was a great meal and we enjoyed it a lot. (^_^)v

A little extra (or you can consider it a bonus): Today's breakfast... Last night was spent watching Prison Break with dear after dinner at his place till late. Dear dropped me off at Yishun MRT station this morning on his way to work, and I had breakfast alone before I took a train home.

I... put too much soy sauce on the eggs. =/

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