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09 March 2007

Hearty breakfasts

Here are my breakfasts for the past few days... (all taken with my phone camera at Pioneer Mall's 口福 foodcourt)

5 March - vegetarian beehoon (with veggies & egg & fried tofu balls) and kopi (yes~ I love kopi!)
6 March - kaya toasted bun set (the 2 eggs were still heating up in the red container)
7 March - vegetarian wanton meepok (bought back by bro after he visited doc, not in picture)
8 March - kaya toasted french loaf set (with my bro who was on MC and he had his fave teh-si)

And here is today's breakfast!!!

I cooked western-style scrambled egg for the first time!! I know it's simple but I've never tried it before... most of the times I cook chinese omelette style or sometimes sunny-side-up. Today I tried beating an egg with some fresh milk and "frying" with a bit of margarine over slow fire on a small nonstick saucepan till fluffy and nice.

Success! (^_^)v

Added cucumber... leftover ingredient from yesterday's potato salad.

And finally dressed the sandwich up a bit with some some tomato ketchup!

Ready to be eaten... How does it look? =)~~

Yum!!! :D Ooooh~ How I love wholemeal bread!!

The last piccy looks a bit different cos taken with my phone camera while the rest taken with digital camera... why take with phone camera leh? Cos I wanna MMS to my baby bro and tempt him! Wahahaha~ I'm a terrible sister. =X

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