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17 March 2007

"Mee-kia" for lunch

Yea, I cooked again. =) Lazy to type, just enjoy the pics! :D

Realised the noodles' not mixed properly in the sauce before those shots were taken... *oops* =X *LOL*


keelyn said...

Looks really deelicous. Wish I could have some!

deedee said...

hee see which day we can go ya house... i cook mee-kia for u, u make veggie-yaki balls for me. heh~ :D

Cute cousin said...

Me like the soup v much wor~~~~~~
and the black pepper mock steak~~~
Thanks so much~~

Must teach me how to cook the soup leh~~

keelyn said...

we can plan together hor :P

deedee said...

hee cute cousin i just anyhow dump all those ingredients and let the water boil and boil and let the favour go into the soup... LOL~ u know i boil from big pot till left only 2 bowls just nice? kena scolding from my mummy say i waste her gas. LOL!

yea keelyn let's plan together someday! :D