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08 March 2007

My rare masterpieces

Masterpiece #1: Super yucky meal by me (14 January 2007)

This was at dear's place on a Sunday evening. It's all the instant noodles, instant Japanese curry... Not much of ingredients. =\ Even used instant noodles' seasoning to cook the soup, and throw in the fishballs and the dumplings which I boiled separately first. And the croquette... dear's place don't even have enough oil to fry them! (>.<)

In the end used the microwave to heat up the entire croquettes first, so the insides won't be cold cos I can't deep fry them and if briefly fry only the insides would still cold. Then briefly fry the surface with the little little bit of oil so won't be soggy but more crispy. And I used up all the oil I could find in his kitchen... and just so little! Why no backup one?! My house surely got lots of oil and sauces and stuff unopened... My mum always buy few bottles at one go to keep one. =/ Okies, enough of my whinings~ =P Here comes the pics!

A decent meal for my darling dear? Ermmm... I personally don't think so. Ugh~ Mission failed!!! =(

Masterpiece #2: Spaghetti and salad (08 March 2007 - Today!)

Went to Jurong Point this morning with my bro to pay the bills etc... initial plan was to have lunch at JP but we were still full from breakfast so ended up browsing around NTUC while waiting for the breakfast to be digested. I suddenly thought of cooking when we were at the sauces department discussing on the various kinds of pasta sauces. Since I'm not working, my dear bro's at home and cuzzie's visiting in the afternoon... Why not whip up a simple meal? So we grabbed some ingredients at NTUC and proceed home~ I cooked spaghetti and potato salad today!!! =)

Without following any recipe, I'm the kind that likes to cook impromptu with whatever ingredients I have on hand, and use portions by feeling (ie. without measuring, just like mum) thus I couldn't come up with an exact recipe for what I've cooked. I was hoping and praying that there were eggs and potatoes at home... and indeed there were!!! Heh~ (^_^)v

There's diced hardboiled egg, diced avocado, diced cucumber, diced potato and cherry tomatos in the salad, dressed with the "reduced-calorie 96% fatfree" mayonaise. Then there's sliced mock ribs, fresh shiitake mushrooms and a diced tomato in the pasta sauce made up of ketchup, a dash of chilli sauce and also a little light soy sauce.

Basically, I only follow recipes when I'm baking. Heh~ Oh yea, my dear cuzzie arrived from her school after her lunch, but I still gave her a small portion of my pasta and salad for her to try. Afterall it's quite a rare opportunity as it's not often that I cook!!!

The 2nd round was with some leftover from yesterday... cos there was a big portioned of boiled but unused spaghetti left after lunch and so I volunteered to cook pasta again for dinner for my parents who've never ever eaten spaghetti before!!! But my mum said there were leftover which she wanted to finish today so i used that for the sauce, and cooked again for my parents.

The leftover consisted of diced potatoes, diced carrots and diced mock ham in a very light sauce. I merely added the fresh shiitake mushrooms and ketchup etc sauces for dinner. =) Glad it turned out well and we had a great dinner with my parents.

My mum was so happy cos she doesn't have to cook dinner and get to rest. She kept telling my dad that their daughter's cooking for them! Hahaha~ Finally I get a chance... otherwise usually my mum dominates the kitchen and just shoos me away :P Not working is gooood... I finally get to cook! :D

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