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09 March 2007

I cooked again for lunch

Yea! I love it that I don't have to work... and get to stay at home alone in the day~ Cos I get to cook and cook and use the kitchen whole day long, and mum won't be around to nag me! Keke~ =P Not like she'd nag at me lah... But just that she always has a lot to comment when I'm in her kitchen. LOL~

Cooked scrambled egg for breakfast and just cooked again for lunch! I had flour vermicelli (mee-sua) in cabbage soup. (^_^)v Enjoy~

Saw the bottle of chilli meant for chicken rice one... it's homemade by mum's friend and love it lot so couldn't resist dishing out a bit, just for the kick of it! :D

And some miscellaneous pics from past few days~

Simple dinner at MOS on 6th March... tried the souffle as I've not tried it before. Not bad but nothing too spectacular too and guess I won't probably get it again.

And also vegetarian chicken rice for lunch (late late lunch at 3pm) on 7th March. Bought some kiddy snacks for my baby bro and myself too! =)

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