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22 March 2007

Sharon's Place + More

On Monday I returned from dear's place in the morning and on the way home I bought lunch from Jurong East... yummy lunch!

Then yesterday I went to my secondary school ECA buddy Sharon's new place to cook lunch for her! It's my first time to her new place... haven't visited her after her marriage and this time round I get to visit in the day because she's on maternity leave! Her little baby was so adorable... I kept carrying her around. Keke~ Glad I managed to visit her and play with her little girl before the adorable little Zoe is sent to the enfant school, where she'll be at when Sharon and her hubby's both at work.

Took lots of pics so here's a little miscellaneous before the food pics come! :D

She was kept busy after lunch while I carried baby Zoe around until it was time for tea! She was so busy washing up, doing her laundry, hanging up clothes, washing the plenty of nappy cloth as her little girl kept peeing and peeing (and while I was there she poo'ed once too!). LOL~ How I wish I'm a little baby still, then all I do in the day is drink milk, sleep and pee (plus poo)! =X Alright, enough daydreaming from me... and here's our lunch!!

Returned from her place after 6pm for dinner at home and mum kept dinner for bro and I. :D

One last one before I go... today's breakfast! (^_^)v

Toasted bread with a bit of margarine (on one slice only) melted into it... Toasted till a beautiful golden brown colour and a nice crispy texture. A bit of the fat-free mayonaise on the "roasted" mock goose slices (no oil added!). Well, I don't always eat such sinful breakfast. =P And I love wholemeal bread~ Yum!!

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