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26 April 2006

Mummy's Cooking 1

Always look forward to going home for my mum's homecooked dinner after a long day's work.

See how creative she can get when leaving my portion of dinner for me??

And here's the same dish as above, with those brown rice added.

Veggies, mock sausages and pepper chop. Look nice hor?

I'm sure you haven't drooled enough! So here's more~

Mum's cooking is always the best!!! I love homecooked food!

19 Feb 2006 - 超爱!超爱!超爱!

妈妈煮的 *yumyum* 爱心素食鱼翅羹!!! (^_^)

See how pampered I am at home with a mum that can cook soooOOOooo well!~ =P~~~

28 Feb 2006 - Stirfried veggies - I love the way my mum mix the mock ham, carrots and veggies and chop them up into bite-size. Isn't the colour gorgeous? Even if you don't like your greens, I'm sure my mum's cooking can whet your appetite a bit. =D

2 Mar 2006 - Stirfried cabbage with shredded carrots and "mock chop" fried in a light batter

8 Mar 2006 - Stirfried cabbage again cos mum bought lots of cabbage. *LOL* And bittergourd omelette. You think it sucks? Well I skip any bittergourd dish when eating out, but mum's cooking is so good, even bittergourds don't taste yucky!!

Brown rice adds texture, fibre and valuable minerals. The entire meal is both healthy and yummy! Now you know why I hate my canteen food so much... so unhealthy with so much oil, and doesn't look yummy at all!

9 Mar 2006 - It's the Thursday just before my birthday which falls on the Sunday. Mummy could foresee that I'll spend the Friday night onwards till late Sunday with my dear and friends, thus she specially cooked vegetarian sharksfin for me on Thursday. Vegetarian sharksfin is very tedious to prepare, but mum made such a big and uber delicious pot!!! Thank you mum! (^_^)

I love her stirfried veggies, very healthy, always so yummy, and bite-size for lazy me! Keke~ And the sweet & sour mock ham with cucumber... also diced up into bite-size! Mummy still thinks we are like babies, but I love her cookings that way and feel so pampered always when I'm eating at home. That's why sometimes I complain when I eat out... the leafy veggies come in big pieces with leaves entirely on uncut stems, and the mock stuff were all in such big chunks!

30 Mar 2006 - I was on MC, thus all meals at home. Lunch was a simple mee-sua. No oil, but Mum added some lettuce and mock meatballs to add flavour. What else can I say? Yum!!! No matter how simple Mum's cooking is, it never fails to tickle my palate.

Dinner last night was brown rice with fried beancurd and kangkong in vegetarian sambal chilli. Tell me about diarrhea or whatever. My family's simply bochup!! Mum's cooking is always so good, I don't care if there's chilli or curry... and Mum didn't quite care if I'm unwell or not. Haha~ =P No matter what, I love mum's cooking to the core of my heart!!!

13 Apr 2006 - I was on leave so all meals at home...

Hmmmm... 长相并不是很令人垂涎,但是味道可是超棒哦!吃了第一口以后便不想停了!!难怪会越来越胖。。。 哈哈哈~

其实妈妈的咖哩是最健康的哦!低脂无椰浆,只用牛奶来调出适当浓度。Yummy!!! 好味道!天天吃都不会觉得腻哦~ (^_^)

冰冻过的素黑椒排都牢牢地沾在一起,妈妈将它们扒开时便一小块一小块地碎了出来。最后她只好把黑椒排拿来炒。哈哈~ 生菜还是脆脆的,好好吃哦!卤味是之前的晚上爸爸妈妈吃剩的。可能妈妈煮太大锅了,弟弟和我都没回家吃晚餐,所以两个人吃不完。其实我们家很少会有剩菜的。。。也不知道妈妈是怎样去衡量的,几乎每次都煮得刚刚好!太厉害了~ =P

Homecooked meals are always so much healthier!~ =D Uber uber ♥ ♥ ♥ Mum's cooking!!!

Chinese New Year 2006

Looking at these pics made me miss Chinese New Year!! But it wasn't really a good time... because I always gain too much weight right after! *sulks* :p Hahaha~ Enjoy drooling! (^_^)v

Steamboat at home while counting down to CNY (28 Jan 2006)

It's the first time in my (and my parents') entire life that we had steamboat at home!! Here's the veggies that Mum prepared~ (^_^)

While Dad set up the brand new electric hotplate!

Together they make such fine couple! Keke~ Mum's pouring the soup into the steamboat.

The sumptuous spread!

With the chopsticks and bowls laid out nicely, we were all ready to stuff ourselves silly with those yummy food~

Helping ourselves with the feast~

And... *BURP* =X Still got so much leftovers!!!

Our yummilicious CNY goodies at home

The stuff (my big pink cup inclusive!) on the coffee table in our living room.

My parents bear not open the nicely packed Bengawan Solo goodies that I bought! Keke~ And the oil-less cashew nuts were fried by my parents' friend. He's really good at it and we always love his yummy cashew nuts! He always give us in a used coffee powder bottle like this every year. Those cashew nuts are really really good!!

My dad went out for a brief walk and came back with these 3 goodies on CNY eve. He bought them at 3 for 10 bucks... it's a steal!!

I bought the Bengawan Solo goodies and everything else here except the tin of chocolates.

CNY Day 1 (29 Jan 2006)

Brunch at Grandma's place - it's the same for every year's CNY Day 1 for as far as I remember!

Too many of us so there were 2 tables, and many many rounds! =P

Dessert by my first uncle's wife - yummy longan almond jelly. :D

CNY Day 2 (30 Jan 2006) - Lunch

We went to my auntie's (Mum's sister who's also vegetarian) place where we had another round of steamboat for lunch. Here's the preparation~

And more preparation~ It's the same steamboat lunch at my auntie's place for every year's CNY Day 2 after my maternal grandparents passed away...


I love those special chilli that my auntie bought... I always eat a lot a lot of those chilli!!

The cute vegetarian fishcake in my bowl of brown rice. =)

So much stuff! So much veggies! So yummilicious!!! *drools*

At my auntie's place it's rather special - she only put in the 'dong fen' and straw mushrooms towards the end of the session...

And we had yummy 'dong fen' and straw mushrooms in soup! Mmmmmm~ After all the cooking, the soup's really really nice!!!

CNY Day 2 (30 Jan 2006) - Dinner

It's the 2nd steamboat meal at home in our entire lives for my family~

My mum's so addicted we had 2 steamboats in a single year!

Actually it's cos there were leftover steamboat stuff and my baby bro's girlfriend coming over so we had another round of steamboat for dinner.

Here's my 3rd round of vegetarian steamboat in 2 days but still as yummy as ever!! (^_^)v

Japan Food Diary 5

Week 5 in Japan (1st - 7th August 2005)

Monday: My breakfast and the normal non-vegetarian breakfast. Got nato again!! Hope it'll become a standard. Nato and raw egg with rice is Japanese traditional-style breakfast. When I stayed in business hotel for my first training in Japan I saw lotsa Japanese eating this way in the restaurant where we had breakfast. I'll skip the raw egg though. Haha~

Monday: My curry dinner with a peach and a cream pie dessert.

Tuesday: My breakfast and the normal non-vegetarian breakfast. Yea~ natoooooo! Unlike most of our non-Japanese colleagues, a Singaporean girl colleague and I luuuurvee the gooey sticky nato with rice. *yum* Ermmm... are those slices of leftover peaches from last night? =P The aloe vera yoghurt is reaaaal gooooood! It's uber smooth and yummy... mmmMMmmm~

Tuesday: Yummy! I finished everything... the watermelon is soooooooooo juicy and sweeeeeeeeet! But look... lotsa seeds too. =P

Wednesday: I actually think my 2 sunny-side-ups with cheese is a better breakfast than the non-vegetarian one! =P

Wednesday - dinner.

Thursday - breakfast.

Thursday - dinner: vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

I cooked a sumptuous supper of instant noodles with fresh shitake mushrooms on Thursday! It's my last week in Japan, gotta finish up my stocks somehow...

Friday: I still think my breakfast is more sumptuous than the non-vegetarian one! =D

Friday dinner... our last in the dormitory, which was very filling with pasta, rice and a large dish of super creamy veggie stew~

Final Weekend in Japan
I'm sorry that in my final week everything's in a rush so I couldn't do a proper writeup then and now it was too long ago so I couldn't recall what I wanted to comment about the food as well... ごめんなさい!

On my last Saturday in Japan, I went to Asakusa and Ueno alone. My Japanese colleagues were impressed because it was a very tedious trip and required a lot of changes from train stations to train stations, and I - a foreigner - actually dared to travel there from Atsugi, and all by myself! I bought a sandwich at a convenient store for lunch. In Japan, you can find all sorts of food stuff at the convenient store!!!

On Saturday evening I met some of my Japanese colleagues for the last time to watch fireworks together at Atsugi. The fireworks there were very nice! The fireworks display was long and there were all sorts of fireworks. What an eye-opener!!! We bought snacks and drinks and had a picnic while watching fireworks. After the fireworks they brought me to the drinking place where we went for party on my first Friday in Japan.

Sunday was a blur... we took a cab to Sagami-ono bus terminal where I bought a MacDonald's Happy Meal for breakfast while waiting for the bus.

The bus brought us to Narita Airport, where I bought more food from the convenient store. Lunch was onboard the flight which brought me back to Singapore. Finally after 5 full weeks... home sweet home!!!

Please look forward to more entries on our local food and my mum's homecooked meals! Cheers~~~ (^_^)v

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