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06 April 2006

I hear you ask: "Why this blog?"

You might be thinking that I must be crazy. "This girl has too much time on hand!! She has so many blogs!!!" Well~ Time? Nope I do not have much, in fact I always think I never got enough time!! However, there's something which I have plenty of...

I've lots of food pictures everywhere: in my pinkangel blog, in my deedee-on-diet blog, in my sweetheavens blog, in my friendster photo gallery, in my Japan food diary, etc etc... so many many!!! And finally I've decided to consolidate all the photos under one single roof!!!

Hee~ just trying to get this started... but not yet have the time to start putting up the photos right away. Toldya I don't have time! =P Stay tuned okies? =D


jOangOh said...

hmmm wow....i have to come here often liao~ then i will know what nice food we have in singapore.....

ahah been so sick of those FOOD junctions foods...seems like everywhereis the same..must quickly update k! heh heh

Bon appetit said...

heya..bump into this blog thru ur other blog..how abt we combine to be joint contributor to this blog?
since i take pictures of food also..wat do u think?
haha if u want places of interest to visit i also have photos lah..but if u dw then it is ok.

deedee said...

hihi notti joan~ haha... ermmm actually i won't be able to intro a lot of nice food cos i'm vegetarian! keke~

bon appetit~ let me update my old food pics first, then we'll see k? keke~ =D