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26 April 2006

Japan Food Diary 3

Week 3 in Japan (18th - 24th July 2005)

Monday: My breakfast and the normal non-vegetarian breakfast.

Monday: My dinner and Meiji Strawberry Yoghurt at night in dormitory. I name this piccy tempting miss tberry" =X LOL~

Tuesday: My healthy breakfast and the normal non-vegetarian breakfast which my colleagues complained that it's too oily.

Tuesday: My dinner of veggie-stew and cold tofu with rice; and a normal dinner's dish (instead of cold tofu) on the cafeteria counter.

Wednesday: My breakfast and the normal non-vegetarian breakfast on a sunny morning.

Also Wednesday: My dinner with tasty cold tofu again, brinjal and >.< green chillis! All deep fried in a batter~ *fattening* For the normal non-vegetarian dinner there's deep fried octopus instead of deep fried brinjal and green chillis. The dessert is very goooooood! Although also filling... it's a glutinous riceball covered in a layer of sweet redbean paste. Yummy!

Thursday: My breakfast is all salad (veggies and mayo) and fresh fruits yoghurt! So healthy~ Unlike the normal non-vegetarian breakfast which is kinda oily. =P

Also Thursday: It's sumptuous dinner for me!!! Egg mayo, fresh greens, cheese, fried shredded veggies in dough, radish, grapefruit, miso soup, rice, green tea and a cracker (not in pic) which is given to me only after the meal. ^^ Well the normal meal looks good too, as usual. Got fish got meat got salad.

Friday: It's rare that I have such unhealthy breakfast... it's so oily! Although my colleague actually thought it looks real good. Haha~ The grilled brinjal and green chillis are like... soaked in oil! And the brinjals are really salty too.

Also Friday: Dinner is a lot and yummy! Too bad I didn't get to take the pic of any non-vegetarian dinner. It's good too! Instead of yoghurt and salad there's a plate of something like smoked meat on top of real mapo tofu instead of my tofu in spicy sauce. After dinner I went out to get magazines but couldn't find magazines at the convenient stores so ended up buying all these fattening stuff (and a silver nailart pen)... Hahaha~ But the macademia nuts were really good!

Saturday: Instant vegetarian bakuteh noodles again for breakfast! This time with fresh mushrooms... yummy!

Saturday: Lunch at Shinjuku, mine and my colleague's.

Saturday: Stuck in Ginza cos train system down in Tokyo due to earthquake... but all thanks to this earthquake we get to eat some authentic Japanese desserts! =P

Saturday again: Shared the pizza (can you tell it's Jonathan's again?) with my colleague who also had pasta + sausage salad, while I had the fattening ice cream on coffee jelly for myself. ^^ My Japanese colleague had Indian style chicken with rice.

Sunday: Same instant noodles for breakfast again! But this time with cherry tomatoes and a mug of instant coffee~ =) Didn't managed to take picture of my cheese fries (lunch on the go: fries in one hand and camera in another taking pics of sceneries instead of fries. LOL!) but here's my dinner in Hon Atsugi... Yasai tendon! I finished every single rice in the bowl leh~ Lihai mah?!

More observation in the dormitory cafeteria:

On Monday I saw this Japanese guy heaped the rice till 3 times the height of the bowl for curry rice... ermmmmm curry rice is using a shallower but wider dish... as you can tell from the picture. Wah seh~ they can eat so much rice in one single meal?!?!?!?! Really impressed sia...

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