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26 April 2006

Japan Food Diary 2

Week 2 in Japan (11th - 17th July 2005)

Monday: My dinner. Yes, every Monday is curry rice.

Tuesday: My dinner and the normal non-vegetarian dinner... the people here can eat a lot!

Also Tuesday: Yummilicious creamy *uber fattening* dessert in the dormitory~ fresh cream pudding on caramel! *ugh* I wonder how much calories is in there...

Wednesday: My breakfast and the normal non-vegetarian breakfast.

Wednesday: My dinner is so healthy~ full of greens... and ermmmm, mayo too. =X

Thursday: My breakfast and My dinner - It's beansprout galore for dinner! There's fried beansprouts, kimchi-style beansprouts and miso soup with beansprouts.

Also Thursday: The normal non-vegetarian dinner... always so meaty! And my favourite dessert when I'm in Japan - yummy coffee jelly with milk syrup!!

Friday: My breakfast consisted of beansprouts (leftover? =X) + beans + cheese + mayo with rice, miso soup and fresh yoghurt! Look~ the normal non-vegetarian breakfast is so sumptuous!

Friday again: My dinner and the normal non-vegetarian dinner - ramen and fried rice! *burp* People here can eat a lot!!! (read my observation below)

Friday night: Yummy Meiji packet drinks from the vending machine in my dormitory. Had Mocha Blend and kept the Ichigo O-re (strawberry au lait) in fridge for next day. ^^

Saturday: No meal provided in dorm so I cooked my own breakfast (instant vegetarian bakuteh noodles brought from Singapore, with fresh golden mushrooms) before heading out to explore the neighbourhood.

Also Saturday: Lunch at Jonathan's - a family restaurant in the neighbourhood with menu similar to Swenson's etc in Singapore. The pizzas are my colleagues', not mine. =P I had buns, cream of corn and orange cheese cake! Dinner is exactly same as breakfast.

Sunday in Puroland: Not my breakfast but so kawaii I gotta show ya all! That's my colleague's breakfast and her daughter's breakfast set (ice cream in Hello Kitty cup inclusive) in the Kitty bucket. No piccy on my breakfast which is fried soba with shredded cabbage in nothing but soya sauce, not unlike our fried mee.

Sunday still in Puroland: Lotsa fun ther but very limited choice of food. =( I had plain cheese pizza for lunch and the chicken (that looks so goooood) I gave away to my colleague. Haha~

Also Sunday: 10pm Dinner (at Jonathan's again) - Colleague & I starving after a long day in Puroland. *pizza again* I had bake potato with salsa sauce, he had seafood curry rice, and we shared a pizza. I forgot to mention that Jonathan's has freeflow drinkbar that serves everything from sodas, juices, green tea to coffee, hot or cold~

My observation in the dormitory cafeteria:

The people here really can eat a lot leh! For Friday's dinner we had a big bowl of ramen (normal one meal serving in Singapore's Ajisen or similar ramen restaurants etc that normally I already have difficulty finishing) and the Japanese guys still can heap a mountainful of fried rice in the bowl... and mind you, the bowl can carry double the amount of rice that the normal Chinese rice bowl I use at home can hold. Here in Japan, they must be having 4 times of my normal bowl of rice for a meal back in Singapore! And that's on top of the large bowl of ramen... wah seh~

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