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26 April 2006

Japan Food Diary 4

Week 4 in Japan (25th - 29th July 2005)

Monday: My breakfast (potato wedges, egg-mayo sandwiches, grapefruit, miso soup, green tea ^^) and the normal non-vegetarian breakfast.

Monday: My dinner is curry with rice, just like any other Monday's dinner~ The dessert is like strawberry jam in ice cream in crepe... not bad ^^ Ooooh and ignore my lousy nailart on the thumb's nail. It was my first try with that silver nailart pen bought last Friday.

Tuesday: My sumptuous breakfast and the normal non-vegetarian breakfast.

Tuesday: We planned to have a dinner outing for all the Singaporean engineers here but it was cancelled in the last minute due to typhoon. Unfortunately we also cancelled our dinner in the dormitory, so I had instant food from the nearby provision shop: mini 41-gram cup noodles (took out the 2 tiny slices of fishcake... norrr~ on the chopstick cover~), caramel corn snack and my own green tea. Finally got myself ViVi magazine in Ginza last Saturday.

Wednesday: My breakfast and the non-vegetarian breakfast. I hate the tako-balls! =(

Wednesday: Eeeek! Oily dinner. Went out to a nearby (20~30 min walk?) supermarket to get some groceries. Gotta prepare some foodstuff cos I have to make my own lunch on Sunday!

Thursday: My nutritional breakfast and the main dish for the non-vegetarian breakfast.

Thursday: Boring dinner. Hahaha~ so green compared to the non-vegetarian one which is like almost totally no green. =P But got nato... so at least not so boring... more of messy! I always always make a big crazy mess eating the sticky nato (sticky slimey threads of goo all over the bowl and dish and tray and chopsticks and hanging from my mouth... haha~) but I still love it!

Friday: My breakfast (may look good but no!! I couldn't bring myself to eat much... blegh~) and the non-vegetarian breakfast, which doesn't look any more tempting as well. Except the nato... kekeke~ I dare not take from the tray cos my meal is always ready on a separate tray and I dunno if there'd be enuff to go around if I take one. My colleagues (from China and Indonesia respectively) don't like nato so one didn't take it while the other one gave his to me! =) Actually is I asked from him cos I see he not eating lah... haha~ (I'm such a glutton!)

No particular date: Just to show ya a close up pic of sticky gooey yummy nato! Kekeke~

Friday: Finally something good after 2 lousy meals. A large bowl of vermicilli with seaweed soup (non vegetarian ones had normal miso soup size, but also had grilled octopus for main dish), braised tofu and half of an avocado... Look, I finished everything!! Added lotsa chilli powder in the soup though. =P

Saturday: Breakfast in Tsukiji Fish Market area (world largest and busiest fish market?) at one of those small stores selling ramen, udon, soba or rice~ I had sansai (山菜) udon.

Saturday: Lunch at Tokyo Disney Sea! Pasta in nothing but tomato sauce and a big basil leaf for me, while my colleague had a pizza set. Unlike the very well-themed park itself, the food in Tokyo Disney Sea is really nothing to be excited about (Maybe just the cheaper ones? There are buffet onboard etc but like damn expensive lor!). Luckily there's the Meiji cheese to add flavour~ =)

Saturday: Indian food in Tokyo Disney Sea! The pic turned out badly as I did not on my camera-flash and the lighting wasn't good so please pardon me... I had curry with rice and naan, and iced coffee. My Japanese colleagues had nasi goreng set!

Sunday: I purposely bought the 41 gram cup noodles again for the disposable chopsticks. LOL! So I had that for breakfast and also made my lunch early in the morning. Gotta brought lunch out (that's where the disposable chopsticks come in handy) to Fuji-Q Highland with fellow colleagues. I heated the instant rice with red bean, bought a cake of ready-cooked egg and sliced, and then wrap up in nori seaweed. ^^

Sunday: I cooked this in the dormitory for dinner - added grilled mushrooms, nori (leftover from making those giant "sushi" above) and fresh cherry tomatoes to spice up the boring instant tomato pasta. Green tea completes the dinner set! ^^v

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