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23 May 2013


Oopsie, I haven't been updating my blog...

The fact is I wanna spend as much time with baby as possible that I haven't touched my MacBook for ages!! Hope to blog a bit before I go back to work... but seriously, my baby is more important and I haven't started working on the DIY flash cards project that I've been planning to do! *oopsie*

Alrighty, just a little on our anniversary staycation at Resorts World Resorts Singapore in April, also baby's first staycation =)

Checking in at Festive Hotel, RWS =)

Dinner on the second day at Hard Rock Cafe. My "Veggie Leggie" burger - roasted pepper, portobello mushroom, zucchini on a veggie and legumes (leggie?) patty on a bed of tomato and lettuce with a side of crispy fries ^^

And part of my buffet breakfast on the third and last day at FIESTA in Festive Hotel.

Oh before I go join my baby in bed, check out this Trudeau Fuel giveaway on Bento Makes Me Happy by Yenn! :D

18 May 2013

Baby please get well soon

Currently her fever has gone down but she still has stuffy nose. And still fast asleep. In bed now right next to me.

Hours ago - http://instagram.com/p/ZbAW0QlhLZ/

Dear baby,
Please get well soon, please... I love you baby. I want to see you happy and well again. ❤

09 May 2013

Little Miss Itchy Gums

Right now, wide awake after her nap.