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19 April 2013

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As usual I have tonnes of photos to post but I wasn't at home for a while and will be away for a while more... was away on a staycation at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) for my fifth wedding anniversary so do expect lots of pictures =)

Watching fishies at S.E.A. Aquarium totally tire baby out! XD

And now I'm hanging out at my parents' place while my place is under renovation... so even more pictures coming up! XD

At the meantime, something to share with everyone... I'm participating in a Trudeau Fuel Giveaway! There are three amazing items to be given away - stainless steel duo food container, snack pod and 2-pc foldable cutlery set. Don't miss it, quickly hop over to Bento Makes Me Happy to join the giveaway! :D

13 April 2013

Herd instinct

I live in a 'kiasu' society, where success is based on achievements. Values pale in comparison and often, parents ditch teaching values such as responsibility, integrity, compassion, etc and even basic manners, to make way for more tuitions and enrichment programmes. Kids are taught to score well in exams instead of told to shine in their own unique ways. I totally abhor the elitist mindset that is in many people around us, but it's difficult to resist the Singaporean herd instinct. Will I end up like most of the other parents, and give in to sending the child for all kinds of enrichment classes, thus cutting her childhood short?

I'm thinking very deep now, and truly wondering how I want my child to grow up. On one hand I want my girl to enjoy childhood like how I had… on the other hand, I’m so afraid that she’ll lose out in a society where most other kids are sent to classes to score well since a tender age. I wanted to use "hate" but I guess it's a very strong word to use here... so I'll just say, this "herd instinct" that's happening here, driving the fees of enrichments classes up and tuition centres multiply fast... well, I don't like it a lot. I don't like it at all. I wish I'll be as bold as Prof Pamela Lim. Unlike her, I've taken the most boring and safest route in life - study, go to university, get employed, get married, get a kid and maybe two - thus I'm not sure if it's safe to venture away from this path. I need to give my child a chance to breathe in our uptight society, and let her shine in her own ways.

I'm writing in response to this post on Facebook and sharing this post here to all the parents around the world.

12 April 2013

And another week has passed

Before I start, let me share with you this great Lamaze giveaway by Hello Baby SG~ Just like Hello Baby SG, tag a friend and wait... to see if you are one of the lucky pair to win a Lamaze toy! (ermmm... if you are not reading this in April 2013 then sorry, you're too late, but you can still check out Hello Baby SG ^^)

It's first of April! I'm glad I wasn't in school to see students and teachers playing pranks on one another XD I was actually very excited to start on my 30-day green smoothie challenge!!

And I started my day with a green smoothie! Yummy and healthy~! :D

And then... I had old school cakes for lunch. MIL bought these from her Malaysia trip. So much for being "healthy" in the morning. *LOL*

Dinner was at Ah Dong again! This is our 4th visit and I wonder if it would be a better experience. Oh, by the way, I realized that my most-read entries are the ones on Ah Dong Teh House! So many of you have been searching Ah Dong huh? Do come back more often for more deedee-licious photos of my life! :D And Ah Dong, if you are reading this... any sponsorship available? Kekeke~ =P

And yes, the new menu is available! And we enthusiastically browse through the comprehensive menus... all 6 of us adults...

While the little one just sat and chew her Sophie, and entertained some of the staff that kept coming over to say hi to her ^^

We ordered quite a spread and we enjoyed our dinner~ Hubby ordered his bluish mango drink again... while my parents-in-laws had the curry chicken with rice. Bro-in-law's girlfriend had fish and chips and we shared the fried tofu dish.

This is the spicy XO sauce carrot cake.

I had curry noodles (chicken gave away of course) and bro-in-law had the pork chop rice... what a spread!

And finally... hubby's seafood fried rice, served in a claypot. Nope, this time round we didn't have to wait too long for his dish to be served, thank goodness! And so we all enjoyed a good dinner together =)

Read about our previous experiences in Ah Dong Teh House here: 1st, 2nd, 3rd

BIL bought a juicer and made some beetroot-carrot-celery-pear juice to share... it's a bit overwhelming for me (and too overwhelming for the rest of the family XD)... so I blended in an apple, and yum! :D


I had strawberry-avocado-kale-milk smoothie! Really creamy~ Was looking forward to the afternoon as I'll be having tea with Renzze and Sushi. Haven't met them for a while!

My baby lying around in Leo's little wonderland! :D Leo, Sushi's son and Renzze's godson, is such a little darling~ ^^

And check out the spread!

07 April 2013

My teething biscuits experiments

And this was the week that I went crazy experimental baking batches of teething biscuits because I wanna create a perfect recipe! But to date, not successful. Ha... I won't give up! I'll keep trying~ ^^


Green smoothie of the day

And then my lunch - nasi lemak - totally ungreen... hahaha!

Tried baking my own teething biscuits for the first time!


Baby watching her biscuits bake... in a few years' time we'll be making cookies together!

Brought baby out for a little grocery shopping.

On the LRT heading home~ I bought a bag of red apples, a bag of green apples, a bag of kiwi fruits, and a bag of kale for juicing. Heavy!!! >_< but omg I'm such a super mum!! *beams*

Here's my loot! There's a packet of pumpkin seeds too~

Baby trying out her first batch of teething biscuits... this batch didn't turn out well. Too moist. And silly me didn't take note so I cannot remember the portion used, but there's apple, plain flour and baby cereal in my teething biscuits.

04 April 2013

March term break

I've been treating this blog much like a diary... documenting the things I do or the food I eat EVERYDAY... although I believe not more than a couple of people are reading this blog. I spent so much time adding watermark to my many photos and sharing them here... so many of them here, wondering if anyone actually reads. In this particular week, I was hanging out with some of my teaching mates as it's the March term break. Then I haven't been updating my blog, because I got engrossed in creating my own teething biscuits recipe... but here! I'm back!! ^^


Hubby's off, and his colleague told him the noodles here are nice, so we came here for breakfast.

This is from the stall.

And we added a plate of radish cake.

And a plate of char kway teow as well! XD Hubby was complaining that I asked for too much food *lol*

Coincidentally, it was "national breakfast day"! Read more on my instagram.

My first visit to EC House! Had a simple trim here as my hair's all over my neck and the in this horrendously warm weather, it's freaking driving me mad. I actually like my new hairdo a lot!!


Lunching with fellow mummy Lipeng here! At Paddington House of Pancakes, with our two babies~

We both had the green apple and avocado smoothie... it's nice!

My lunch is a veggie treat with mushroom omelette on zucchini and onion pancakes and a side of hash brown.

Everything's great except that I had expected freshly made hash browns so I was a tad disappointed. Maybe too much dining at Cedele brought up my expectations of having freshly-made food and not ready-made ones.

Mine again, with the PHOP logo pick.

Lipeng had "Nice" and it looks great!