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07 April 2013

My teething biscuits experiments

And this was the week that I went crazy experimental baking batches of teething biscuits because I wanna create a perfect recipe! But to date, not successful. Ha... I won't give up! I'll keep trying~ ^^


Green smoothie of the day

And then my lunch - nasi lemak - totally ungreen... hahaha!

Tried baking my own teething biscuits for the first time!


Baby watching her biscuits bake... in a few years' time we'll be making cookies together!

Brought baby out for a little grocery shopping.

On the LRT heading home~ I bought a bag of red apples, a bag of green apples, a bag of kiwi fruits, and a bag of kale for juicing. Heavy!!! >_< but omg I'm such a super mum!! *beams*

Here's my loot! There's a packet of pumpkin seeds too~

Baby trying out her first batch of teething biscuits... this batch didn't turn out well. Too moist. And silly me didn't take note so I cannot remember the portion used, but there's apple, plain flour and baby cereal in my teething biscuits.


My green smoothie of the day... with kale, frozen fresh pineapple cubes, granny smith, half mug of orange juice.

Blended with my Grundig hand blender. Yum~!

Trying out my second batch of teething biscuits. That's the apple sauce in a mixture of flour and baby cereal.

Here's the cookies... still not satisfactory.


In the morning... photos in actual chronological order, left to right from top.

My smoothie of the day with same ingredients as the day before.

Out with mummies Cam and Lizzy, and our babies. Kept baby busy munching on my teething biscuits.

Baby... Please sit like a lady, please~!

Our yummy lunch at MOF の My Izakaya & Lenas in NEX, and our adorable babies.

This is how mummies lunch with babies... Standing around rocking/coaxing babies to sleep. Fortunately we had the entire place to ourselves.

Fed baby a little supper at night... chopped banana!


Ingredients for my green smoothie of the day!

Making my third batch of teething biscuits! This time I managed to roll and cut... but we couldn't find out rolling pin and there's no cookie cutter of a desired shape, so I rolled with my glass jar and cut with my wiener cutter for bento making.

I used a butter knife to separate them and lay them out to bake... this batch is better but still not good.

My third batch of teething biscuits ingredients:
100 ml apple sauce (one apple steamed, pureed and cooled)
200 ml plain flour
200 ml baby cereal

Preheat the oven at 170 °C.
Mix the dry ingredients.
Add apple puree to the mixture and mix.
Knead and roll and cut into desired shape.
Bake at 170 °C for 30 minutes.

These biscuits are still not entirely dry and won't last for a couple of days.

MIL is travelling to Malaysia for a relative's wedding and hubby gotta work on Saturday, so I packed our overnight bags and headed back to my parents' place to stay until the end of the week. Hubby's aunt bought this for me and MIL told me to bring it along... such a nice bag of stuff!

The packaging reminds me of modern mooncakes boxes... haha~ Guess what's inside?

Yummy Gudrun chocolate!

And these are the goodies that my bro bought from his recent Taiwan trip with his fiancee... they went there for their wedding photoshoot. The sun cakes are to-die-for!! Super yummy, I'm so in love when I bite into them and I wish baby bro had bought a few more boxes back!!

Mummy cooked dinner~ ♥ sweet and sour mock fish and stirfried lettuce with brown rice. Yummy!!


It's good Friday! Posted this on Instagram and Facebook in the morning. :D

Mummy cooked yummy lunch of pan fried beancurds and stirfried kang kung, and also baby's pumpkin porridge.

The heavenly Gudrun chocolates!

Baby's munching on my third batch of teething biscuits.

Dinner! Mum cooked one dish for dinner - soup with lettuce and a trio of mock stuff - chicken, mutton and fishballs... simple and delicious.


Mum showed me this... It's a gift that my parents received from my aunt during MY full month celebration!! Almost as old as me~ wow!

Went out shopping with my parents and baby... had a break at Old Town White Coffee and enjoyed some sweet treats. This is vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and red bean paste.

My grass jelly gula melaka grass jelly soya freeze.

We ordered kaya toast to share too~ My dad had gula melaka chendol soya freeze while mum had iced lemon tea.

Saw this at NTUC Xtra! It waves at baby and she was staring back with her big curious eyes~

OMG these look so nice and red and fresh and yummy, I gotta buy them!

Yummy dinner... golden mushrooms and tofu in thick sauce (or more like my mum's variation of vegetarian mock sharks fin!) and boiled broccoli.

Yummy dinner!! I can never get enough of this!!


Baby sat up and didn't topple! Yay!!

Hang out at McCafe with my bro, his fiancee and baby... to escape the heat of the horrid hot weather.

Baby's munching on my teething biscuit again ^^ while we enjoyed our own treat of iced chocolate and cakes :D

Mummy cooked radish soup, veggies and mock ham in baked beans. =)

Went home on Sunday night and MIL returned with all these goodies!! :D~~~

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Anonymous said...

hi mommy! ur teething biscuits looks delicious...may i know how young is ur LO when u start to bake ur own biscuits?