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12 April 2013

And another week has passed

Before I start, let me share with you this great Lamaze giveaway by Hello Baby SG~ Just like Hello Baby SG, tag a friend and wait... to see if you are one of the lucky pair to win a Lamaze toy! (ermmm... if you are not reading this in April 2013 then sorry, you're too late, but you can still check out Hello Baby SG ^^)

It's first of April! I'm glad I wasn't in school to see students and teachers playing pranks on one another XD I was actually very excited to start on my 30-day green smoothie challenge!!

And I started my day with a green smoothie! Yummy and healthy~! :D

And then... I had old school cakes for lunch. MIL bought these from her Malaysia trip. So much for being "healthy" in the morning. *LOL*

Dinner was at Ah Dong again! This is our 4th visit and I wonder if it would be a better experience. Oh, by the way, I realized that my most-read entries are the ones on Ah Dong Teh House! So many of you have been searching Ah Dong huh? Do come back more often for more deedee-licious photos of my life! :D And Ah Dong, if you are reading this... any sponsorship available? Kekeke~ =P

And yes, the new menu is available! And we enthusiastically browse through the comprehensive menus... all 6 of us adults...

While the little one just sat and chew her Sophie, and entertained some of the staff that kept coming over to say hi to her ^^

We ordered quite a spread and we enjoyed our dinner~ Hubby ordered his bluish mango drink again... while my parents-in-laws had the curry chicken with rice. Bro-in-law's girlfriend had fish and chips and we shared the fried tofu dish.

This is the spicy XO sauce carrot cake.

I had curry noodles (chicken gave away of course) and bro-in-law had the pork chop rice... what a spread!

And finally... hubby's seafood fried rice, served in a claypot. Nope, this time round we didn't have to wait too long for his dish to be served, thank goodness! And so we all enjoyed a good dinner together =)

Read about our previous experiences in Ah Dong Teh House here: 1st, 2nd, 3rd

BIL bought a juicer and made some beetroot-carrot-celery-pear juice to share... it's a bit overwhelming for me (and too overwhelming for the rest of the family XD)... so I blended in an apple, and yum! :D


I had strawberry-avocado-kale-milk smoothie! Really creamy~ Was looking forward to the afternoon as I'll be having tea with Renzze and Sushi. Haven't met them for a while!

My baby lying around in Leo's little wonderland! :D Leo, Sushi's son and Renzze's godson, is such a little darling~ ^^

And check out the spread!

Sushi prepared such a sumptuous spread!! Renzze commented it's like a mini tea party for kids ^^ and we had fun feasting on her effort! ♥

Sushi cooked porridge for my little precious too ^^

A splendid afternoon tea party~ what a spread for 3 ladies!

Posted this refreshing fruity water on Instagram.

The fruits were yummy yummy yummy!

Love the cakes and the tea... the cakes were really good!

Sushi's little creation - egg-mayo-salad wrap cut up and served in cupcake cups!

Baby had fun "walking" around in Leo's walker.

You may have seen these on Renzze's blog before. She made 3 variations but we only tried these two as I gave the one with bacon a miss.

They were both really yummy!! I enjoyed munching on both of her creations ^^

These were what I bought before visiting Sushi. Disposable bibs for when baby dine outside (lazy mama didn't wanna bring soiled bibs home to wash XD haha) and a set of first word books for girls. I also bought a set of first word books for boys as gift for little Leo.

And I got home with these~ Thank you Sushi for the bath book and the rolled oats, and Renzze for the yummy banana caramel cream treat, perfect for tea at home on the next day!

Went down to the supermarket with hubby at night and bought this - my childhood fav snack! :D


My smoothie of the day - watermelon, apple, kiwi and kale.

My little one was very engrossed in reading her VTech nursery rhymes book before her lunch.

My afternoon teabreak at home - having this tea and the yummy Tokyo Banana ^^

Gave baby an afternoon snack too! Banana and avocado~ She loves it! :D

After dinner, I went out to meet my friend Cherlyn for dinner. As I already had dinner at home, I had a dessert instead. We chatted on a lot of stuff, especially on what most mummies want, to change to a career where we can spend more time with our little ones, or start a small business to earn a little income and have the flexibility of working hours so that we can be with our little ones for longer duration each day. I'm seriously dreading June... I'm going back to work in June and I'm totally not looking forward to it! Especially, as you've seen in this blog, I've been enjoying my afternoons of freedom having tea or trying baking... and spending every waking hour with my little one.


Green smoothie of the day... this is a day I laze around at home with baby... so not much piccy ^^

It's nice that now baby can sit, so she can sit inside her little playard and play with her toys. Of course the little musical table will not belong inside once she starts standing... we won't want her to start climbing up and falling out!


Ooooo... so sushi gave me rolled oats. So I made my first ever OIAJ!! Do you know OIAJ? Oats in a jar! Or in this care... overnight oats in a jar!! :D Oats were left overnight with yogurt in the fridge, topped with raisins and cinnamon sugar... yum! :D

But having OIAJ doesn't mean I'm gonna stop blending my smoothies!

Looking at the canister of rolled oats, I wonder what else I could do with it, so I googled "rolled oats recipes" and found granola recipes!! And thus, I baked my first ever batch of homemade granola! It's yummy~ ^^

This is an experimental batch as it's my first time baking it, so here's my experimental recipe for my granola, with no exact measurements:
5 handfuls of rolled oats
1 handful of pumpkin seeds
1 handful of shelled walnuts, break into smaller pieces
1 handful of slivered almonds
1 tablespoon of butter
3-5 tablespoons of maple syrup
as much cinnamon sugar as you want (or just cinnamon powder)

Preheat oven at 160 °C.
Mix the rolled oats with the seeds and nuts.
Add butter, maple syrup and cinnamon sugar over the mixture.
Bake at  160 °C for 30 minutes, stirring and mixing every 10-15 minutes.

Friday was kinda my foodie Friday... after baking granola, I decided to make a 4th batch of my experimental teething biscuits!

Cutting my rolled dough with my wiener cutter again. It gives them quite a nice shape for teething biscuits =)

Cooling them but this was not final... in the end I felt the biscuits were still very moist so I baked them again. I turned up the temperature as advised by my MIL and they became dry and hard. Or so I thought... they became really brittle and break on impact. I threw the whole batch away. =( Nevermind, I'll try again!

Prepared my breakfast for the next day... OIAJ again! Layers of plain yogurt, rolled oats, strawberries and topped with raisins and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar. I'm so gonna top it with my homemade granola when I eat it! :D I couldn't wait for breakfast!!


All these ingredients in the soymilk that my MIL made, and with lots of strawberries!!

And my yummy OIAJ topped generously with my homemade granola ^^

I spent Saturday afternoon dancing away~ :D And I completed the story mode on Dance Central 3, yay!

After dancing, cooling down and bathing, we were too lazy to think about dinner and ended up ordering Pizza Hut delivery!

Then I made my overnight oats for next day's breakfast ^^

Did this little environmental friendly project - cut the toilet rolls packaging into these shapes to line my little trash can in my washroom. Didn't have to cut holes in the two "rabbit ears" as I won't be "carrying" them around, only need the two "rabbit ears" to secure the trash before throwing away. =)


Yummy yummy breakfast!!

And my greenie greenie smoothie! XD

Went to my friends (ex-colleagues) Dino and Serene's place for their baby's full month celebration! Love this little nursery corner in the room =) but baby's not in her cot...

She's sleeping on her big bouncer in the living room for all the visitors to come shower her with love and gifts! :D

I get to take a break as my baby get passed around and being entertained by my ex-colleagues cum good girl friends =)

The buffet spread~ we had lunch here.

Then we went back to my parents' place.

Mummy cooked yummy dinner again! *ALWAYS*

A potato, carrot and mock ham stew, sweet corn soup with mock mutton and mock prawns, and stir fried veggies with mock chicken. On a mixture of brown and white rice.

Got home to this little sweet treat, thanks to hubby's nephew ^^  Check out my Instagram for more description!

I couldn't wait for breakfast!! Threw a granny smith apple, diced, into a pan with a little butter and cinnamon sugar and let it caramelized then cooled... 

And made this OIAJ: granola on raisins on apple on yogurt on oats on yogurt on oats... I had a hard time resisting the urge to open the fridge and gobble this up!! 

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