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04 April 2013

March term break

I've been treating this blog much like a diary... documenting the things I do or the food I eat EVERYDAY... although I believe not more than a couple of people are reading this blog. I spent so much time adding watermark to my many photos and sharing them here... so many of them here, wondering if anyone actually reads. In this particular week, I was hanging out with some of my teaching mates as it's the March term break. Then I haven't been updating my blog, because I got engrossed in creating my own teething biscuits recipe... but here! I'm back!! ^^


Hubby's off, and his colleague told him the noodles here are nice, so we came here for breakfast.

This is from the stall.

And we added a plate of radish cake.

And a plate of char kway teow as well! XD Hubby was complaining that I asked for too much food *lol*

Coincidentally, it was "national breakfast day"! Read more on my instagram.

My first visit to EC House! Had a simple trim here as my hair's all over my neck and the in this horrendously warm weather, it's freaking driving me mad. I actually like my new hairdo a lot!!


Lunching with fellow mummy Lipeng here! At Paddington House of Pancakes, with our two babies~

We both had the green apple and avocado smoothie... it's nice!

My lunch is a veggie treat with mushroom omelette on zucchini and onion pancakes and a side of hash brown.

Everything's great except that I had expected freshly made hash browns so I was a tad disappointed. Maybe too much dining at Cedele brought up my expectations of having freshly-made food and not ready-made ones.

Mine again, with the PHOP logo pick.

Lipeng had "Nice" and it looks great!

I went home and went out again, leaving baby at home, as I joined my besties for a bridal studio hunt along Tanjong Pagar Road. After watching my bestie trying out gowns after gowns... we finally went for dinner at Superstar K, a Korean BBQ place run by Korean staff and patronized by many Koreans too.

Obviously I had the ramen as I'm not a meat-eater. Hee~


Breakfast was healthy while lunch was an indulgence. Blended an apple, an orange, half of a carrot in juice from half of a lemon... Bought a jar from Daiso for my smoothies ^^ I'm happy, and all ready for my 30-day green smoothie challenge! Wait, I need to do some groceries and buy some greens!! Totally run outta greens at home >< For lunch, I threw some vegetarian gyoza and potato smilies into the air fryer and while they get fried by air, I made tomato scrambled egg and wholemeal toasts. Mmmmm~ :D

Another look at my lunch ^^

Was hungry as I had a very early lunch, so I made this for teabreak, inspired by Brunch @ Bobby's. If I weren't doing chores or taking care of baby, I'll be watching We channel when I'm at home and I've been watching lots of Love It or List It, Rachael Ray's A Week in A Day, and Brunch @ Bobby's. This is cinnamon sugar French toasts (wholemeal bread) with peanut butter, and baby's carrot porridge in the Hello Kitty bowl in the background ^^


The process of blending one orange, one apple and one tomato. Run outta lemon, I seriously should be doing my groceries soon!!

All dressed up in top from a dear colleague and denim bottom from dear mehmeh, both expecting mummies (as of this day when baby wore this XD) for a trip to town~!

Lunch at Domani was good!! Here with my dear cuzzie ^^

And baby was kept busy with a teething rusk~ 

Yummy cream of pumpkin soup~!!

One of the pasta that we ordered from the lunch sets.

Another pasta... I gave the ham to my cuzzie and had the yummy truffle cream pasta~

We love this creme brulee!!

Even without the rusk, the little busybody girl was busy looking at other people around the restaurant.

We went shopping around Takashimaya and as usual, I was totally engrossed with looking at the bento stuff... but being on no-pay leave and trying to live frugally (good try, who would believe with all the sumptuous food I'm eating XD), the price tags put me off. So, nope... not buying! Yet!! XD

But I bought these... using the white stainless steel vacuum cup for bringing baby's porridge out. Very good buy! I bought these 2 for $50, and used a 50-dollar voucher, so not a single cent paid! :D And I saw these two selling at $49 and $45 respectively when on offer in Isetan! What a steal!!

Came to Paul Bakery & Patisserie for tea break with cuzzie after shopping around Takashimaya... I was latching baby and she was having a ball of time lifting her foot up all over the place and putting it on the table... like synchronized swimming. Cuzzie said... like a boss! XD

We had the tea set each... and we still prefer the creme brulee at Domani ^^

Baby sharing the armchair with me.

The moment I reached home, hubby called and asked if MIL cooked... MIL didn't, so he said to be downstairs in 10 minutes as he's on his way home... and he picked us up and we headed out together for dinner at the coffeeshop near Buangkok MRT station.


I took this and posted it on instagram and Facebook. Love it.

Took baby out again! Hanging out at the national library in NEX.

Then it's lunch with my dear colleagues at Lenas in NEX~! Once again, a rusk for my baby ^^

Our food... and I love the dessert! (see this on instagram too)


Guess what? This is my first green smoothie that I ever blended!! Butter lettuce and apple~ I'm ready for the challenge, bring it on!

Went to hubby's cousin's wedding lunch banquet at Goodwood Park Hotel. It's my dear baby's first wedding banquet!

The only dish that I could eat...

And the yummy yam and pumpkin paste dessert!!

Baby is 7 months old on 23 March 2013! :D

At night... hubby was watching a movie with his ice cold beer and I popped him a surprise by making his fav salted popcorn! It's my first time popping them with my Happy Call Pan. First it was tasteless despite adding salt at the beginning (first pic) then I added butter and salt, and it was kinda too salty! XD Nevermind, I'll learn and try again and again. Practice makes perfect! ^^


Smoothie for brekkie. Tried to layer the different colours but failed. Ahahahaha... Any idea how to do it better? I made lunch for myself - toasted the wholemeal bread that's expiring today, scrambled egg with tomato and a side of butter lettuce. Yums! Mum-in-law went out to buy chicken rice for the rest of the family and she also bought HL banana milk! Haven't had that for a long time... Nice and smooth ^^

My egg and tomato in progress...

And my yummy lunch! :D

Dressing baby up as we're going out to TMC... to visit dear mehmeh who has delivered her baby! :D

Bought these on Sunday night... bought plain flour as I've been planning to create my own teething biscuit recipe and will need to start my experimental baking! And Happy Hippo? Simply because I've haven't eaten it before and wanna try as it looks so tempting!! :D I'm such a kid sometimes... haha~

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