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21 March 2013

Belated entry on the week of my birthday

Yea, nothing's new - another photo-intensive post this is!! Yes!! And took me soooo long to watermark my pics and upload them. Oh well, I do those two on each picture individual via apps in my phone... not very good on my eyes but I can do it on the go. Haha~


Mummy cooked lunch.

Nursing room at IMM level 3. We were here to shop around in Daiso before going for our dinner.

Dinner will be here! The stretch of eateries under the MRT tracks at Tradehub 21. I bought the Groupon voucher for Cafe de Paradiso, a vegetarian restaurant along this stretch.

I was with my parents and baby and while waiting for my brother to arrive, mummy ordered a mini pizza as appetizer. She used to make pizza but she hasn't for ages and she said she missed the taste of pizza... and so this was just for munching. And we ordered a good amount of mouthwatering dishes as we celebrate in advance... my birthday!! :D

Vegetarian sharks fin 竹生素翅

Vegetarian cereal prawns 麦片素虾

Pipa mock duck 琵琶素鸭

Spicy kang kung 马来风光

hericium mushrooms 三杯猴头菇

Curry mock fish 咖喱素鱼

And my dessert... blueberry cheesecake!! :D It was a good dinner ^^


It's 12 March! It's my birthday!! :D Baby I love ya~ ♥

Mummy cooked meesua for me in the morning. =)

Then I met my lovely cuzzie for lunch... we came to MOF/Lenas at JP, and get a free iced tea each as we're both MOF members :D Here's the first two dishes...

Baby's with us! :D

A closer look at these two side dishes - mushrooms and potatoes!

Mushroom and tomato bruschetta.

We ordered a few sides, so we shared one main course - baked mushroom pasta. Yum!!

After lunch we headed down to Swenson's for a free treat! Free Firehouse Happy Birthday on my birthday actual date!! :D

We couldn't just walk in Swenson's demanding a free sundae right? XD So yes, we did order our beverages - choc milkshake for cuzzie and marshmallow latte for me ^^

Dinner! ^^

Mummy made some steamed curried pumpkin rice cake ^^

I told my daddy he didn't have to as I had my blueberry cheesecake the night before, but he bought me a birthday cake nonetheless. My doting daddy is da best!! :D And this chocolate cake from Prima Deli is super yummy~!

My first birthday with my little darling precious one, my friends (and relatives and colleagues and students of course) are as sweet as ever, my cousin gave me a birthday lunch treat, my dad bought me a yummy birthday cake, my family sang me a birthday song at home, my hubby isn't around in town but I know I'm loved. Life is so sweet and full of love, I'm counting my blessings everyday!!


For breakfast, mummy cooked instant noodles with the leftover dish from last night's dinner and added fresh greens =)

Baby and I went out with Lizzy, Cam and their babies for lunch at Imperial Treasure Steamboat at Triple-One for steamboat and dim sum.

Our desserts at Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant in 313. ^^

A summary of some of the yummy stuff that I ate in a day!! After a sinful day out, I still get to eat some of the yummy pan fried vegetarian curried golden pumpkin rice cake that my mummy made when I got home :D


Breakfast for two, but not these two! :D Met fellow mummy Doris and her baby for McD breakfast ^^ 

My dear mummy cooked a simple wholesome lunch for just the two of us. 

And baby was not eating her apple sauce, probably because it's too sweet and too sour at the same time (yes I tried) so we made her some plain porridge... her first time eating porridge!

I had the leftover porridge topped with vegetarian mock meat floss.

Baby bro's fiancée came on Wednesday and bought a box of egg tarts for us!

My teabreak - yummy egg tart and hot tea.

Homecooked dinner...

As you can tell since the beginning of this blog until now... I'm insanely crazy over my mum's cooking! I'll totally miss it when I'm home.

Our night snack - strawberries!


Cuddling my little one in bed and enjoying every second of it. Love it! ♥ She's just the right age to cuddle - not too tiny and fragile, not too big to run away. Although I do get a random poke in my eye, scratch on my nose or tug of my hair as she loves putting a possessive hand on my face when she's falling asleep. This was taken when she's already in deep sleep so no hand on my face =P Will definitely miss moments like this when she doesn't want cuddles anymore.

We added the apple sauce to her porridge and she wiped it clean! :D She loves it~ Two portions of porridge here. She's eating 2 semi-solid meals a day now.

I was heading out for lunch and took this piccy cos I was rather pissed with the bus that blocked the traffic light! I can't even see if it's green or not, and have to refer to the other traffic light on the opposite side at the cross junction. I so wanna get this on Stomp or somewhere to rant about it, but later I got busy with pancakes and stuff... and what coincidence, my cuzzie was sitting in that bus when this piccy was shot!!

So yup, met my dear cuzzie for lunch again. Here's her lunch.

And here's mine.

Bought jam and Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and headed home for some pancake making session!

Taadaa~ I made pancakes for dessert/tea!!

Gave cuzzie the slightly golden ones, and she had B&J choc ice cream.

My pancakes are slightly more burnt... and I had mine with B&J cookie dough and a dollop of triple-berries jam. Yum!!

While I was making the pancakes, cuzzie was taking pics of my little one who's hanging out with us and took these pics... urgh she looks like she's about to throw the hanky at cuzzie for taking her piccy without permission aka paparazzi style lol

But yea she can be really friendly and bubbly too~ Can you see her two pearlies? Growing bigger! (And I hate it when she bites while latching, OUCH!)

My last does of homecooked dinner for the time being - brown rice with stirfried cabbage and mock chicken and shredded carrots in soy sauce.


Daddy bought a hearty breakfast for me again! Rise and shine early as I was leaving early to get home and then go out to welcome hubby back from his overseas work trip.

I'll miss this view. I'll miss hanging out with my parents and eating my mum's yummilicious homecooked meals. It's like a week at a holiday resort... I can't bear to leave! But I had to as hubby's back on the very same day.

Before I left, mummy took out my baby pics and showed me! Here's me at 6 months old ^^

Took a cab back and baby started fussing and crying, and I had to let her outta my Ergo carrier and latched her on the cab... she fell asleep latching. I love breastfeeding. I had a vacation plan that I cancelled because I wanna be at home breastfeeding my baby in June instead of going crazy looking for nursing rooms to pump in another country while my friends wait, and getting stressed about bringing all my milk back. I'll breastfeed her for as long as I can... and I'm not looking forward to going back to work because that means I can't latch her anymore and will have to pump at work. Sigh, sucks to be a working mum ya? =/

I'm home and my little pot of cherry tomato plant has progressed this much!

We rested briefly at home and were out again... at the airport awaiting hubby's arrival.

Baby sitting inside my Ergo baby carrier and looking around curiously with her roving eyes.

Hubby bought these for baby! And as I shot the piccy, baby's foot suddenly appear -.- her demonstration of a local hokkien saying "插一脚". Hahaha~

Hubby was craving for chinese food so we headed down to Canton Paradise *again* for dinner!

Baby having fun with her Sophie giraffe.

There were 6 adults and here are just some of our dishes...

XO fried carrot cake.

Egg tarts~

Baby demonstrates "hands free chewing" on her teether lol


Wow this is a long entry! I can't believe I'm still typing zzz... lol. Okay, so here's our lunch on Sunday. Hubby was craving for chicken rice. We were in a coffee shop so it was hot and we on the fan in baby's stroller...

But she managed to reach it and tore out one of the soft blade -_-"

Dinner was steamboat, a mini reunion as hubby's home! :D

Baby joined us at the table during dinner ^^


My vegetarian mock stuff.

Before I end this super long entry: I love her Hello Kitty dish so much I wanna keep it for myself, and I didn't bear to let her use until now... She is using now, but suddenly I'm starting to wonder if melamine dishes are safe for kids. I've read up a few sites and have mixed info so far, so quite confused. What do you think?

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