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04 March 2013

7 + 1 days worth of photos

A busy week packed with activities and finally I found time to blog! And yes, this is just another of my photo-intensive entries... I just can't stop myself from taking all these photos, even when my iPhone and my MacBook are both complaining as they're all running outta space!!

Monday - Our first trip to Babies r Us

Wake up right next to this happy baby showing off her two little teeth! :D

MIL heat up a bowl of red bean soup for me as breakfast, and also steamed sweet potatoes for us... tiny and cute sweet potatoes for baby and for me!

Pureeing a sweet potato for my little darling with my brand new Grundig hand blender!

Feeding my little darling... it's her first time having sweet potato!

Lunch - MIL bought nasi lemak for me from the coffeeshop downstairs.

Brought baby out alone and heading to Babies r Us for the first time!

Was there with Cam, her hubby and baby, and another fellow mummy 

And the babies had a blast trying out the various jumperoos!

Cam left with her family, while Siling and I went for a break at Saizeriya Ristorante e Caffe. Here's my cream of mushroom (only $2.90!!) and Siling's salad from her lunch set.

Siling was starving... I think she didn't have lunch yet? She ordered this and it came with a plate of rice!

My margherita pizza that cost $6.40.

I bought these - an "ez-wipe" bib and two mats, one for fellow mummy Lipeng.

I also bought baby her first doll! Princess Sophie from Lamaze~

From Lamaze webby: "Princess Sophie holds her jewels (clacking beads) in her hands for baby to play with and her skirt crinkles to keep baby's interest. Her bold colors and contrast prints help with visual stimulation and development."

When I got home, dinner was waiting for me on the table =)

Tuesday - a day in town with my cousin

More tiny sweet potatoes!

Hello baby, do you like your sweet potato puree?

Met my cousin and had a great lunch together at Cedele.

We shared a big bowl of soup and rosti with scrambled eggs and sauteed mushrooms...

With free-flow bread... it was a good meal!!

And we didn't order too much main course because we wanted to leave space for dessert =) We had the red velvet cake. Mmmm~ ^^

We hopped over to Takashimaya S.C. where I nursed baby and we had a blast shopping around... baby totally enjoyed herself! And after shopping, we stopped at Domani for afternoon tea.

I had coffee jelly - my favourite dessert when I was in Japan for work some many years ago. Miss it!

Cousin ordered a sundae. =)

And a pot of Pearl of the Orient for each of us ^^

Cousin passed me the things she bought for baby and me from her UK trip!

On the bag ^^

MIL cooked dinner for me... a lot, but yum!! I love both doumiao and tomato scrambled eggs!

This was taken when I was half way through dinner ok?!

Wednesday - the do-nothing-day *almost*

We used orange sweet potato for baby this time round as she didn't seem to enjoy her sweet potato puree in the past 2 days. But overall, she didn't seem to enjoy sweet potato at all. Maybe it's still too sweet for her.

I made my own lunch... sinful instant food! LOL~

And then, to add onto that, MIL bought fries for me as afternoon tea break (o_O)!!

And we went out for dinner at a nearby Koufu foodcourt, just MIL and I, and baby sleeping inside the Ergo baby carrier. MIL's treat! :D

Thursday - a sweet surprise at Lizzy's

I went to Lizzy's place having the impression that we would be celebrating her baby Ethan's half birthday... but the ladies bought a cake and pressies for me too! And we had an advanced birthday celebration for me... so surprised and touched! Thank you so much Cam and Lizzy! xoxo

Lizzy cooks the meanest sickest most wicked lasagna ever!! She actually made vegetarian and non-vegetarian version for both lasagna and fried spring rolls... ohhhhh YUM!!

I only had the vegetarian one and already I'm soooo in love... the lasagna was so good! I haven't eaten a better lasagna anywhere else! Not in any restaurant!!!

I took a sip of this... it's nice!! The mummies were enjoying themselves having a bottle each~ :D


Angel joined us with her little girl, and our babies had a blast too! :D

Lizzy cooked so much that I brought all these home... 3 boxes of lasagna, 5 spring rolls and 2 slices of chocolate fudge cake from Swiss Bake! :D Coincidentally, Cherlyn sms me, asking to meet for dinner. I told her to just pop by my place, and have a taste of the best vegetarian lasagna ever! :D We had main course of world's best lasagna, side dish of yummy spring rolls and dessert of choc fudge cake... yummy yummy yum!

The gifts for baby and me... a toy, growing kits and - hahaha - a sweet nursing bra for me too! The cheeky girls actually managed to trick me into revealing my size without suspecting anything -_- oh gosh, they're good!

Thank you Cam for baby's first "mobile phone" and thank you Cherlyn for the sweet pink Piglet plushie!

Friday - a trip to NEX with baby

Waking up with Piglet: "We are pink!"

I was watching "Good Morning Singapore!" on Channel 8 and they were interviewing Mrs Wong Boh Boi (I attended her pre-natal classes last year!), discussing about confinement and breastfeeding. She mentioned that a breastfeeding mummy can have up to 2 cups of coffee a day and I was overjoyed! I've already done research on coffee and started taking occasionally since baby's 4 months old (half life of caffeine is same as adults - source) but I'm still restricting myself to two a week. ^^

I did the laundry and while waiting for the clothes to tumble around in the washing machine, I finished up a rainbow leash for Sophie!

And then hanging up the laundry... MIL bought this very cute towel... keke~

And then we prepared to go out... she's always so fascinated with my bag. LOL~

We went to the library... baby was asleep when we just entered the library but she woke up after a while.

And we had a reading session together =)

After that I hopped over to Lenas for a little tea break... having a pot of green tea, complimentary for MOF card holder.

While baby entertained herself with her Sophie, and subsequently started fussing and I had to carry her in my laps while I savoured my dessert...

Yummy affogato! Espresso on a scoop of cookies n cream ice cream, costing $4!

And I bought dinner from QQ rice before heading home ^^

Saturday - baby's first taste of home made apple sauce

MIL sliced and steamed an apple and I made apple sauce with the hand blender. I feel that it's not easy to blend individual small portions as I could still find chunks when I blend the sweet potato, but okay if making a few portions at the same time to freeze for later consumption. The apple turned into a very nice and smooth puree.

And one apple makes 3 portions! :D

Baby totally enjoyed it! It was an easy job feeding her the apple sauce. She loves her avocado and apple sauce, but didn't really like sweet potato puree as she spit out a lot of that and it got really messy.

Went out for a short while to remove my gelish nail polish as MIL babysat my little precious.

MIL made a pair of teething pads for my Ergo carrier so I can send the current pair to the laundry.

Taadaa! That's my wonderful MIL in the background with her sewing machine. =)

Went out and met fellow mummy Lingz and her baby (sleeping in her stroller) for lunch. Lipeng popped by and I passed her the play mat... I actually pushed baby out on her stroller and brought the play mat along with me... felt so accomplished! Haha~

Our lunch at Swenson's - my omelette and her crayfish pasta.

Pushing our babies around for a brief shopping session before I left for a dialog session...

This was taken after the dialog session, when refreshment as served. It was a dialog session on addition of childcare centres in our estate, organized by our RC.

I had a bit of food...

The chendol dessert was good!

There was too much leftovers as I chatted with the organizers and they said I could call my family members down to join us for the refreshment, otherwise the food would be wasted. And I called MIL down and had another serving myself as it was near 5pm... so take it as dinner. Haha! MIL also brought boxes down for the others to pack some of the food back, and the organizers were very grateful.

Sunday - celebrating FIL's birthday

Baby kept tugging her bib off, so I sewed on the plastic clasps just before we left!

Using the new teething pads sewed by MIL... looking like a scarf on her in this pic... haha!

We had lunch at Yan Ge restaurant where we celebrated FIL's birthday. He's a very lucky man. He's the same age as my dad, but he's retired and he has 4 grandchildren already!

After lunch I returned to my parents' place and I made nutella bread pudding again! This time in my mum's electric oven, and without vanilla essence.

Mummy cooked dinner... a simple soup, brewed with sweet corn, and nourished with lots of lettuce, golden mushrooms, and mock seafood stuff that were bought for steamboat. =)

Today - my first attempt with pancakes

It's Monday again, and I made pancakes for the first time! And also used the whisk function of my hand blender. I love my Grundig hand blender so much now!

Yay! I had pancakes for breakfast~ ^^

I did a reseach on making pancakes with self-raising flour (I still have the flour from my marble cake) and found a very simple recipe. I tweaked it abit, and here's my recipe:

225 ml self-raising flour
225 ml fresh milk
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
3 teaspoon sugar

Preheat a non-stick frying pan.
Place all ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix until combined.
Lightly grease the pan with butter.
Cook large spoonfuls of batter until the edges start to go dry.
Turn and cook other side until golden brown.

This will make around 5-6 pancakes.

I ate mine with butter and Morinaga maple syrup for breakfast this morning.

And in the afternoon, I put cheese on the leftover pancakes and pop them into the microwave, then rolled up the hot pancakes topped with melted cheese and ate them! :D

MIL bought these from a vegetarian stall... for our supper! :D

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