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24 February 2013

Last weekend of CNY

Didn't do much this weekend as hubby's not in town and there wasn't any planned activities. No steamboat, no yusheng and no last round of CNY visitings... in fact, the entire Saturday was spent lazing around with baby at home.

MIL made super rich red bean soup dessert. With 百合 and 莲子~

Read some books to my little darling in the morning and then she's playing with her clothbook and laugh-a-lot carebear and chattering away... She seems to have recovered although I'm still monitoring the symptoms... Be well and stay well always, my precious little bubsie!

Baby fell asleep with her laugh-a-lot carebear~

Bought this from NTUC the other day, and gonna try air-frying them!

Lunch for me. MIL - the more happening one at home - made pots of her 'famous' dry noodles (actually it's just instant mi goreng!) and red bean soup dessert for a potluck party with her friends... and she went out alone pushing her marketing trolley filled with lots of food that she cooked. I fried the smiley potatoes in the air fryer and added a dash of chilli on the side. It's a simple and good lunch!

Oh how time flies! February will be ending soon and that means the day I'm heading back to work is getting nearer and nearer... will dread not being able to hang out with baby 24/7! Oh, how I love you, my little precious!! 

MIL cooked dinner using my Happycall pan. Broccoli with taupok and tofu, and fried eggs.

And then it's Sunday... I was out most of Sunday.

Breakfast... one-week-old apple strudel!

And the packaging says "best consume within the same day", indicating that I'm not eating the best apple strudel today. *LOL*

Went out in the late morning with baby to meet a friend, Char, for lunch. This was taken when I was queueing to pay for something. Bought 2 items, a cute Rilakkuma notebook for Char (which I dunno if it'll ever come in useful, but it's so cute I couldn't help it!) and a cutlery set for myself. *AGAIN*

While waiting to grab a seat in Xin Wang HK Cafe. Gah, I'm too lazy to shift the watermark around while adding it using the PhotoMarkr app in my iPhone. XD Quite like it in the same spot for every photo... haha~

Sweet Char, author of her beauty and lifestyle blog A Beauty Affair, came with her handsome little prince and we had a great lunch, two mummies and two babies together! :D

The younger duo.

Getting to know each other.

My lunch - iced home made barley drink and mushroom baked rice.

Char's lunch - iced milk tea and noodles.

Before lunch, I went to Kiddy Palace and bought this cleaner to clean baby's high chair, play yard and toys. Dear Char's very sweet to help me buy a pack of Whoopee diapers during her last JB trip and we met so she could pass my pack to me... haven't tried it before and keen to try it as I heard it's cheap and good!

After lunch, I headed down to meet my parents and brother and his gorgeous wife-to-be~ My little darling fell asleep on the train.

We had a refreshing one-buck drink to quench our thirst...

Indulging at my parents' place with baby bro and his wife-to-be~

Dinner! My mummy cooked snow peas in pods, xiao bai cai, shredded carrot in omelette and corn soup with lots of mock balls and stuff... to go with brown rice, our usual staple, and yummy yummy!!

This was the cutlery set I bought for myself. I must be mad... this must be my third set... as I already have 2 sets in the staffroom, and I'm intending to bring this to school too, once I go back to work. I'm mad! XD But it's cute, normal size (the other two sets are small! baby-size!!) and at half price!! :D

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