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17 February 2013

Post-Valentine's days

Be warned, this is a super duper uber photo-intensive entry!

Met my dear cuzzie for lunch on 15 February - our post-Valentine's day date! We went to Swenson's for lunch and then hopped over to Daiso for more shopping! :D

Our lunch... it's cousin's treat! ^^

Love her Hard Rock Hello Kitty tee!

Baby fell asleep lying next to me on the cushion seat.

My Daiso loots for my new projects! :D

For bento making!

For a DIY project for baby (here's the idea)

For more DIY projects for baby~

My little sewing kit ^^

I had wanted to buy the storage pots from Kiddy Palace but in the end I didn't. I bought the 4 little containers on another trip to Daiso, and I checked that the material - polyproplene - does not contain BPA, so I guess they should be safe for storing the portions of baby's food?

I love the words on the lid - Heart Wear.

Baby's still having avocado on her second solid food day.

And for dinner on 15 February, it was a post-Valentine's day dinner with hubby at Sakae sushi. ^^

And I bought these from Metro... 20% off! Too cute and I'm a sucker for dental hygiene, so couldn't help it... XD

I embark on my first project on 16 February. I took one of baby's hanky that has gone outta shape, and with a needle, matching yellow thread, a short elastic band and one morning... I made...

Sewing sewing away...

Added an elastic band, sealed the band and guess what?

It's a cape for Sophie!! Something that baby can grab on when she's not gnawing on it, and be used to wipe the drool away too ^^

Baby in daddy's arms with Sophie in her cape~

My in-laws bought some dishes while MIL also boiled some veggies and cooked rice, and lunch was served.

Curry with taupok and egg for me.

As it was the 7th day of CNY, BIL bought yusheng for another round of lou hei.

I posted this in my Facebook:

Dinner back at my parents' place - final round of vegetarian steamboat!! ♥

Baby's all dressed up to visit my parents. ^^

And we are ready to eat!

Our dinner boiling away~

On the previous day, we received baby's high chair, which is a preloved Chicco Polly high chair. For the price we paid for it, it's a steal! The moment we got it home, MIL and hubby stripped it down and gave the paddings and straps a good bathe. And after our dinner, we got home and put everything together again...

Naked high chair taken on Friday, and then all ready for baby on Saturday.

Baby, do you like your new high chair?

♥ my little darling~

Later I was hungry and hubby offered to cook instant noodles. While he was cooking, he came to me and showed me two eggs of vastly different sizes. I have noticed this long ago... both types of eggs are so egg-shaper unfriendly! The big ones (each with twin yolks) are too big for the egg-shaper and get squashed, while the small ones are too small and couldn't get fitted into the molds to get nicely shaped. I'm still seeking the ideal-size egg... but I guess that's not seemingly possible. Haha!

MIL says the big and small eggs have to be put in alternate holders, because the big eggs are too big and won't fit side by side.

When you view in front, you can't even see the small egg behind the big one! XD

And hubby made this for me ^^

On 17 February 2013, today, we held a gathering cum potluck party for hubby's friends and their families at our place. we went out to buy some stuff in the morning and I bought the KFC $2.95 breakfast which consists of two blueberry pancakes, a hashbrown and scrambled egg.

Love this meatless breakfast set! :D

Then MIL told me to eat these... lol... I can eat a lot in the morning!

Noodles cooked by MIL. Topped with chilli for the chilli freak in me.

Going to try making sweet potato fries using the air fryer!

Frying the first batch...


All the sweet potato fries are ready! It's a hit with the younger kids...

I have requests for recipe in Facebook, so I'm adding this here:

There is no recipe! LOL. All I added to the sweet potato sticks is a spoonful of butter. Spread butter on them and cook in the air fryer for around 8-10 min, then take out and toss... if some sticks still look raw (not "fried" look) then spread a little more butter on them. Put in air fryer again and cook until ready... That's all! ^^

The amount of food kept growing on the dining table as more people arrived.

Too many strudels!

One of the items hubby bought this morning... he loves this.

And the popcorn chicken after exiting from the air fryer.

More food...

And more food!

More fried food!


So much food!

And time to tuck in~

These are just from 2 boxes of apple strudels... there were 6 boxes (O_o)!!

My first serving... ^^

Baby got her share of food too ^^ but wait, why are you trying to eat your strap?! ><

Many little kids and babies~

And it's time to lou hei again! I lost count already... baby was snatching my chopsticks!

Baby and her guy friend who's just 2+ weeks older than her ^^

And after the home party... we have left over noodles (MIL cooked a lot) and MIL was saying... if only there's curry... and so we did a last minute order of "933 golden pillow" curry chicken bun. MIL saw it for the first time and she was flabbergasted... it's a huge bun! Haha... I've seen them during my committee meeting in school. We waited for close to 2 hours for the huge bun to be delivered and had a good dinner in the end.

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