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10 February 2013

CNY eve 2013

Baby all dressed up in her new "Sweetie" romper on CNY eve~

My 4 styles of CNY eve! :D

"先苦后甜", so gonna share some "bitterness" first... the fake tip on my broken nail came off before CNY. =(

Okay, that's all of the "bitterness"! XD Now on to our reunion dinners!! First, reunion dinner on Friday night (eve of eve) with hubby's family!

Lou Hei
Topless vs Topped

Cooked Food
Grilling vs Grilled
(using Happycall pan)

Steamboat Stuff
Fake Meat vs Real Meat *LOL*

That's not all! Scroll on for more pics... ^^

MIL packed the packets of goodies into the Lock & Lock and Tupperware containers.

For my morning break on CNY eve~

Arrival at my parents' place for our reunion dinner! :D

We had lunch at McD as hubby has some vouchers. Dinner was vegetarian steamboat with my folks... I was totally looking forward to it! *yum* Baby wasn't very cooperative though, and we had to take turn to carry her... but she only wanted me, getting super sticky to me. And so when hubby, my mum or my dad carried her, she was still crying. Poor baby... mummy had to eat, you know? Sigh... my mum kept telling me to let baby hang out with MIL more, otherwise what will happen when I go back to work? =/ For now, I'm not complaining because as a mother, I'm totally enjoying the bonding. I just hate that I have to go back to work eventually. Every ounce of my maternal instinct says that it only makes sense for a mummy to be the main caretaker of her offspring. I may just write more about this in future. Shall not clutter this entry with rantings.

Okay... now the food pics!! :D

Reunion dinner with hubby's family. Lou hei, steamboat, bacon-wrapped sausages grilled with the Happycall pan, popcorn chicken fried with the air fryer, and wrapped it up with chilled white wine. 

MIL was very creative! She used the "eight-treasure box" (usually for CNY sweets and goodies) for the various types of steamboat ingredients!

All are mine! Some of my servings of vegetarian steamboat ingredients. Hubby and his family also had fish and pork and chicken and meatballs and abalone etc...

CNY eve lunch with hubby at McD... I had mocha frappe and apple-carrot muffin from McCafe.

And reunion dinner with my folks! The table is not packed with stuff... simple, yummy and cosy dinner. ♥

^^ ♥ Happy CNY~!!

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