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01 February 2013

First entry of today

I've been busy with spring cleaning and crazy over Candy Crush Saga (some additive Facebook game) over the pass few days but well... am still busy with cleaning up and turning down the heat in candy crushing as the levels get more and more maddening. I'll be updating this blog with 3 entries today (yes I planned my entries) so stay tuned! ^^

And so I mentioned about a steamboat dinner gathering with the ladies at Tian's place in the previous entry. Here's a picture documentary... enjoy!

I prepared a plate of mock stuff for myself

Love the greens

Getting more ingredients ready

Let's tuck in!

The younger ones were happily watching TV

Dinner time ^^

Cooking cooking... boiling boiling...

My first serving with udon

Second serving...

My third serving and of course I had more! But it was crazy taking photo of every single serving right? LOL~

After dinner and catching up, we had lou hei~ Without the raw fish slices!

Getting the ingredients ready

Alright, let's begin!

Lao ah lao... lao yu sheng...


This photo and all of the above pics are all taken by my long-forgotten S95... finally digged it out to use!
My iPhone 4S actually can take pretty nice pics too, that's why I've not been using the camera for so long :p

I bought a lot of tomatoes for the steamboat so I brought some home and used them for brunch the next morning. =)

Getting the ingredients ready

I wanted to make tomato and cheese omelette but that's one egg and a lot of tomatoes lol

Added cheese... yum!

And taadaa~ My breakfast!

Actually that was arranged for photo-taking purpose, I ate it like that. Haha!

Steamed these for an afternoon tea break on the same day =) Vegetarian golden green dumplings and vegetarian mini char siew buns.

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