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27 January 2013


I am on no pay leave and the very reason I'm taking this leave is because I want to be at home bonding with my little girl. And I guess, it's been very... successful.

For days, I've been with baby 24/7, except for the random few hours occasionally when I'm out for the own gatherings without her.

I've mentioned my buddy at work, Tian. She's moving overseas for a period of time and we had a steamboat gathering on Friday before she flew off this morning. Baby was at home with her daddy and grandparents. I met Tian to get some steamboat ingredients and went to her place for the steamboat dinner with my lady friends. We enjoyed ourselves over food and catching up. I'll be sharing the photos of the steamboat dinner another time as they're still in the long-neglected-and-finally-utilized-again Canon S95.

I'm usually the one carrying baby at night, latching her and coaxing her to sleep at night. In fact I'm always with her when at home as she doesn't like to be left alone. Furthermore she hardly naps in the day and even if she does, she will wake up crying. Fortunately, she can usually sleep well throughout the night. Mum-in-law told me that on Friday, they coaxed baby to sleep and put her into her cot. However, later when hubby went into the room, he found her awake but not crying out loud. Instead, she was pouting and sobbing quietly, with large pearls of tears rolling from her eyes. When I heard about it I was heart broken. I wonder if she's thinking, "Where is mummy? Why she doesn't want me anymore?" :(

My baby can sleep through the night and usually wakes up once at 5+ when I'll latch her and then she'll sleep again between us on our bed after she's fed. Then she'll wake up again at 8+ for another feed and her bathe. This morning, she woke up at 5+ and as usual, I fed her. Then, I woke up at 6am as I'm meeting the ladies to send Tian off at Changi Airport. Before I left I sat by the side of the bed and she was kicking me, as usual. She likes to kick me to wake me up after she has woken up at 8+, and when I wake up and look at her, she'll smile at me. She doesn't cry when she wakes up in the morning. :) But I had to leave this morning so I left my pillow in my place to prevent her from rolling off the bed (although she doesn't roll yet) and she started making noise. I guess she knows that if I leave the pillow there, it means I'm going to leave her on the bed without me. Hubby had to wake up to try to coax her back to sleep. I had to leave so I kissed them both and left.

It was 8+ when I was on my way home, missing Tian already and wondering if baby has already woken up. When I was back,  baby was wide awake. Hubby told me that I wasn't around for her to kick, so she actually turned 180 degree and kicked him instead. And she didn't get back to sleep. She seems to be waiting for me to return home. I quickly changed and washed my hands before I carry her. When I went to my hubby who's carrying her, she turned to me and stretched her arms towards me, wanting me to carry her. I quickly carry her and she was grinning away, obviously very happy.

For the rest of the day, she persistently wanted my attention and didn't want to nap. I was very tired as I slept really late last night and woke up pretty early today, so I was hoping to coax her to sleep and we could nap together. On the 2 or 3 occasions when I thought she has fallen asleep and put her on the bed, she very quickly opened her eyes and look at me. It's like she's checking me out, making sure that I was still there by her side. Even just now, at 9pm to 10pm, we had to coax her to sleep 3 times as she woke up twice around 15 minutes after we put her into her cot.

I must say, I am indeed very successful in bonding with my baby girl. In fact maybe too successful. Most of the time, she doesn't even allow me to get out of her sight. I'm beginning to worry about how it'll be like when eventually it's time for me to go back to work... :( But I absolutely LOVE this bond I have with my girl. It's PRICELESS.

Anyway, here's my breakfast with the ladies today, at Changi Airport Terminal 3.

After I returned home, we went out to the nearby supermarket in the morning to do some grocery shopping and bought a few cartons of drinks for CNY. Hubby's relatives will all come to our place on the first day and we need lots of drinks for them.

Four adults, 2 trolleys and a baby in her Ergo baby carrier went out together and we bought all these!

Alright, time for super tired me to go to bed. Good night everyone!

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