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15 January 2013

Dinner at Buangkok

Just another day.

Last night's supper from 7-Eleven

Saw this in the morning... ultimate temptations during no-pay leave. Urgh!!!

My lunch. I've been dying to eat some greens so I asked for the rice with veggies from the chicken rice stall, as you've seen at least twice in the blog (if you've been reading my blog... if anyone reads my blog XD) and MIL went down to buy. In the end she said the veggies cost $2.50 which is way too expensive, so she bought the springroll and hashbrown from the economy beehoon and nasi lemak stall instead, costing $1.50... no veggies for me, but nevermind, still a good lunch afterall.

We went for Buangkok for dinner. PILs ordered 4 dishes to go with white rice. And I finally get to eat my greens!!

We had stirfried dou miao, tofu... and I ate all the veg in this yummy tofu dish!

Cereal prawns which I don't eat.

And curry fish... I had the gravy, okras, tomato and brinjal.

Free dessert was served but the red bean soup was really not that fantastic.

However, we're still very happy with our dinner as all the four dishes were all well over our expectation, many times much better than the food sold at the coffeeshop downstairs.


Ai Sakura said...

thanks for coming by my blog :) your lil baby is such a cutie!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

deedee said...

thanks too for coming by my blog! :D wish my girl will grow up sweet and happy like yours! ^^