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14 January 2013

12-13 January 2013

Here's an account of the 2 days over last weekend...

Lunch... yes you've seen this. Boring. I'm seriously sick of the food at the coffeeshop downstairs, although on the other hand I'm grateful that there's food just a stone's throw away.

Hubby and I tried to nap but baby was very alert and kept kicking away in bed. So I took a pic of her and put it together with the pic taken shortly after she was delivered. Look how much she's grown!

I didn't nap well as I spent most of the time entertaining baby, and finally when I slept and woke up shortly, I was hungry! And MIL came back with these! Yummy tau sar piah - original flavour and durian flavour!!
Hubby went out for wedding dinner so MIL went out to buy dinner for me. She bought prata for me but she thought the prata has shrunk and looked pathetically small...

So she also bought chwee kueh for me. Kekeke~

On Sunday! Changed baby into this lovely outfit and headed out with hubby for the ultimate auntie's favourite sales - Lock & Lock and Algo warehouse sale!! We bought a lot of stuff, and stuffed the car silly, then went to my parents' place. We had lunch at the Koufu foodcourt near my parents' place.

It's the first time I see mock meat shaped as chicken wing and out of curiosity, I ordered that. Actually it tasted just like mock sausage, except it's shaped otherwise.

Hubby and his favourite pig's organ soup... which, no offence, I find rather stinky ><

Shared dessert - chendol!

Dinner at my parents' place! Mummy's homecooked dinner again, yay!!

Mock fish slices with sweet peas in pods, in sweet and sour gravy =)

Winter melon soup with mock mutton, and kangkung in vegetarian sambal.

And of course, everything with yummy brown rice! (mixed with white rice)

Finally we're home... hohoho... these are our buys from the sales! Scary right? XD

The chest of drawers is ready! I couldn't wait for the result of the tea set giveaway (see my previous entry!) so I bought a teapot too ^^

Also bought this so I can make and keep my salad or keep some lettuce leaves for my sandwiches :D

And guess what? My hyperactive baby kept kicking away in bed and I caught her trying to eat her foot in her footed pants! =P

And on from Saturday until today, I've also spent some time transferring entries from my defunct motherhood blog, which I've ditched for this blog, over here... some of the entries:
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And all the entries labeled emo mummy. Ciao~

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