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14 January 2013

Another dinner at Ah Dong

This is our third time visiting Ah Dong Teh House. Read our first visit here, and second visit here.

We happily drove down to Punggol Promenade this evening, as my parents-in-law has been wanting to eat the claypot curry chicken.

And so we arrived. However, curry chicken out of stock! *sob* So we ordered other food instead and came up to a whooping 70+ bucks.

We wanted to order papaya milk tea, but also no papaya. Bummer. Hubby ordered the cream of mushroom because we enjoyed it on our first visit, but this time round it was rather disappointing.

Hubby and I ordered grass jelly drink while PILs ordered lemon honey drink.

And my bored baby while waiting for food to arrive...


PILs shared the chicken chop fried rice and horfun.

Fried fresh mushrooms - fresh mushrooms are nice but the batter is too salty.

The horfun is nice! What a consolation~

My noodles, with luncheon meat given away to FIL and hubby.

A bite into the deep fried fresh mushroom.

The kitchen forgotten about hubby's dish! Hubby was upset that we had to wait so long for his noodles with fried chicken chop.

In fact, we have all finished our food when hubby's dinner arrived.

Overall, this visit was rather disappointing compared to the other two visits, which we enjoyed. The temporary menu says that there will be a new menu in January 2013 but they're still serving with the old menu, so hubby asked and we got to know that the new menu will only be ready in February. We'll probably be back then, and hope that the standard of the food can meet our expectation again.

And when I was home, I got ready some clothes to send to the laundry. My baby's growing out of her clothes so fast!

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