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05 January 2013

Baby's day out

Hello, it's Saturday! Today, my hubby had to run some errand and he brought baby and I along with him to Bras Basah Complex.

As we go around the place, baby was kept occupied with her current BFF Sophie~

After hubby's done with his errand, we hopped over to the national library to have lunch at Hanis Cafe & Bakery. There was some activity going on in the far end and a lot of mic testing going on... And our little precious has been good throughout the trip, while Sophie was kept busy entertaining her.

While waiting for our main courses to arrive...

My creamy linguine al funghi.

Hubby's chicken chop.

Woooo... there was this performance rehearsal going on when we were finishing our lunch. Some senior citizens playing ukelele and singing "You are my sunshine".

And then we went back to Bras Basah Complex... here's baby in the lift with her hand around Sophie, as we go up to...

...Popular big big bigggg bookstore, where we bought some stuff and finally head home. While in Popular, baby kept holding onto the leash instead of Sophie to drag Sophie into her mouth. She loves chewing on the ears so much!

This is what my little one's wearing throughout the day, but unfortunately she drools so much, I had to put on the bib for her and it covered the pretty smocking on the romper. In fact her bib was already all drenched when we got home.

And when evening came... we were hungry yet once again, don't know what to eat... in the end we ordered Popeyes delivery quite late and only had our dinner close to 9pm.

I didn't expect the portions of onion rings and cheese fries to be soooo huge! I couldn't finish my dinner... and I won't force myself to. It's just way too sinful!!

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