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04 January 2013

Busy with my blog

Mum-in-law bought me lunch from the vegetarian stall in a nearby neighbourhood mall. Hmmmm... looks like a meal filled with sinful, fried and heaty stuff. But I know usually MIL will choose dishes that will not turn soggy, in case I'm busy with baby and have to leave lunch standing on the dining table until later.

Guess what's on TV in the background? I was having lunch on my couch while watching Hell's Kitchen season 10, just like a true-blue couch potato. But hey, I wasn't idling at all! My little precious won't let me stop rocking her in her rocker/bouncer/throne... The second I stopped, she fussed. And so my foot has to be there rocking her... rocking rocking rocking...

And I wasn't idling when I wasn't rocking her. Guess what? Today I transferred some entries from my Facebook, Multiply and my old blog over here... I've added these 10 entries in one day!

Plus 6 more entries on my Aussie backpacking trip in 2011, still saved as drafts as I'm not done blogging them... ^^

In the evening, mum-in-law bought dinner for me again. Takeaway from the coffeeshop downstairs - fried rice with mock charsiew and egg. She added a sunny-side-up for me, and I added chopped chilli padi because I simply love the kick!

Lastly, I captured this off my screen earlier today. It was on someone's instagram. Hope you have a great day today!

It's also my brother's fiancee's birthday today so just a shoutout: 

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