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17 January 2013

Happy mummy and happy baby

Another day alone at home with baby. I really enjoy being alone with baby. Sometimes I wish I'm a stay-at-home mum and living on my own. A dream which may sound humble but in reality is fat hope in our local context, considering our incomes. A dream which will not come true. Anyway since MIL is not in, I get to use the kitchen again and baby fell asleep shortly after I bathed her, so I managed to make myself a big hearty breakfast! :D

Made sandwich with cheese, mock ham and cucumber. With a side of lettuce, cherry tomatoes and scrambled egg. And cappucino. Mmmm~ Yum!

The rest of the morning was spent playing with my little darling. My hand has become her new toy and she always love 'handling' my hand. Hahaha~

Wanted to take pictures of her playing with my hand but she noticed the camera very soon and started focusing on the camera instead of my hand. She really loves the camera!!

Cooked lunch again. A very quick lunch as all I did was to grill the firm beancurd on the nonstick skillet. And then made a full lunch with cucumber, a dash of ketchup (run out of chilli sauce, time to do the groceries!), wrapped in lettuce and topped with cherry tomatoes. Used the picks of dragon, snake and horse... Just like how the years will fly pass us. Dragon year is almost over and horse year will be coming shortly after snake year. That's how time flies!!

After lunch it's baby time again! This was an epic moment of the day. Baby was sitting on my tummy and then leaned forward. She didn't seem uncomfy so I left her in this position and took the picture below. Then I put her back up to sitting position and heard a splatter and saw poo flowing out of her nappy cover down her thigh! I was horrified but she was so happy that she started to kick and I had to stop her so that she won't get poo all over, quickly get up from lying position, grab the changing mat, put her down, wipe her thigh and get nappy, nappy liner and a fresh nappy cover and changed her nappy. Phew!

Anyway my little baby's 21 weeks old today! :D Brought baby to the supermarket with me to buy some stuff. I love Ang Mo supermarket because it carries lots of vegetarian ingredients! I went to look around the vegetarian fridge and saw this... XD

I shall wait for the usual price then =P

Bought mock sausage, dumplings, tomato paste and Italian herbs. I've mushrooms and fusilli at home, so I made pasta again.

And this is what I cooked! Taadaa~ Topped with some chopped cherry tomatoes. ^^

Remember I scraped my hand yesterday? The wound doesn't get to rest with all the cooking, washing of dishes, scrubbing of nappies, doing the laundry etc. Boohoo~

But I did manage to clear up some stuff on the cluttered coffee table in the living room, a leftover task on yesterday's to-do list. =)

Wonder what to cook tomorrow? Hmmm~ For the time being, It's a problem I'm happy to have!

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