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09 January 2013

Aussie 2011 Part 4

The day I went mad at the beaches, and made full use of my sarong (as a mat, as a shawl, as a dress and as a wrap skirt)... I took 446 photos on this day, and 482 on the next day! We wanted to go for the coastal walk from Coogee to Bondi but it was seriously freaking cold in the wind, and we were two silly girls in tanktop/t-shirt and surf shorts... so we rather not brave the wind, and decided to spend our time chilling on the beaches, and shuttle between the two beaches on buses instead. =P Maybe next time!

Taking a bus to Bondi Junction where we would walk to another bus stop and take a bus to Bondi Beach!

At the bus stop. I can hop on and off any train, bus or ferry to get to almost anywhere in Sydney, thanks to my multi pass!

And we arrived in Bondi!

Gotta look for breakfast/lunch/brunch first... we haven't eaten anything yet and were starving!

And so we bought our food!

My burger.

I had a burger, and add on 1 buck to Wei's meal for the potato poppers~

Wei's burger was normal sized while my vegetarian burger was super damn huge!

Potato poppers!

Heading down to Bondi Beach! Lovely blue sky, lovely green grass, lovely white sand, lovely turquoise sea... can this get any better?!

Love the sky!!!


Love the sea too!!

Me in my bikini, chilling out on the beach with Wei and a book. I must be mad because it was actually really chilly!!

I decided I need a hot drink... so it's time for tea break! Carrot cakes again!! XD

And we continued to read our books while enjoying the yummy teabreak and the beautiful view of the sea... heavenly.

Then, we strolled to the other end of the beach towards Bondi Icebergs~

Bondi Icebergs. After we hanged around and took many photos of the beautiful beach, we headed down to Coogee beach by bus. ^^

When we arrived at Coogee beach it was getting late... 

This is on of my favourite shot of the beautiful sunrays from behind the clouds. 

At Coogee beach...

And then we had dinner at this little seafood place.

I had sweet corn and Wei had calamari, while we shared the thick-cut fries.

A generous chunk of lemon.

Dinner was at this place - 'a fish called coogee'.

Rock oysters at AUD18.90 per dozen!

Leaving Coogee by bus in the evening...

And yes! Again! XD

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