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11 January 2013

Happy baby & tea set giveaway

Hello everyone, hope you had a happy Friday!! (haha, as if anyone's reading my blog... XD)

This morning at 6am, I heard the banging of the cot's rails and the "joot joot" sound of baby sucking her fist... I woke up and she was lying horizontally across the cot, knees up, feet between the rails, in a rather relaxed manner, and sucking her fist away. I was rather amused so I went to get my phone and took a this picture.

Yes it was still very dark at 6am. Anyway, subsequently I fed her and put her between us and went back to sleep.  At 8:30am, I woke up again because someone was chattering away and kicking me nonstop. Saw my daughter happily kicking me and smiled back when I looked at her and smiled. Took a series of photos, too many to post here! XD  Eventually her chattering woke her daddy up and he held her closer to his chest and went back to sleep. Look how gleeful she was against her daddy!

I'm really glad that my little one wakes up in a happy mood every morning! Some days, I was so tired that I stayed in bed although I woke up hearing baby's movements and sucking of her fist, and she would continue to entertain herself and not cry for me until I eventually got out of bed to carry her out of her cot and feed her, some 30 minutes later. Feel really blessed for my happy baby! :D

Taken this morning... she's always so ready to pose for my camera!

Today hubby took a day off and bought lunch for us from the coffeeshop downstairs. Parents-in-law were not around and the 3 of us (hubby, baby and I) napped together in the afternoon. I woke up from the nap feeling hungry but hubby was still sleeping soundly (while baby was quietly kicking away just like in the morning) and so I ate the 2 ma ti su (crispy water chestnut fragrant biscuits) that Keelyn bought during her recent Penang trip and gave me when we met for Les Miserables the movie.

The second one was more complete but I took a bite before taking this photo. Keke~

We called for Popeye delivery again on hubby's request. I had cheese fries only but I felt so sick for eating all these artery-clogging food. :( I miss homecooked food! Can't wait to be back at my parents' place this weekend.

I felt so clogged with fats and cheese, so I made myself some tea. Drinking some light hot tea does make me feel slightly better. 

Personally I love jasmine tea and so I was happy to dig this out. No one else in hubby's family drinks tea so usually I'm the only one that buy tea and I haven't bought any for a long while as I always feel pressured to finish the tea before expiry date as no one else drinks. This also made me miss my parents' place. My parents always stock up the kitchen with all kinds of red tea, chinese tea, coffee, milo, instant tea, instant cereals etc. I feel so pampered at home and I really miss it!

Talking about tea, I just saw a giveaway on Daniel's Food Diary. Online Teashop Peony Tea S will be giving 3 sets of Peony Tea S Starter Kits (worth $68 each, see pic on right) to 3 blessed Daniel’s Food Diary readers! I've been missing my tea drinking days back at my parents' place and have always wanted to buy my own teapot set. Now I get a chance to win my own teapot set, I won't let this chance slip away! :D 

Before I go... shot these photos today. My baby has discovered her feet and loves playing with her toes!

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