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23 January 2013

5 months old

Today I went out and bought lunch from the Koufu foodcourt with yummy vegetarian food.

This is the first time I had lor-mee from this vegetarian stall and I totally enjoyed it! It's really good, with chinese herbs, beancurd skin roll, beancurd and egg.

My little darling is 5 months old today! How time flies... It was only like yesterday when she's kicking me from inside, and now she kicks me outta bed every morning!

I was trying so hard to capture a nice pic of her with the milestone card but she's just too fast for me! Each time I pulled out the card from her mouth and made her pose nicely, she'd stuff the card back into her mouth before the camera could focus!

And the card was utterly destroyed by my baby who - like all babies - love exploring with her mouth, anything and everything she gets her hands on...

Yes, and I tried again, and failed again. She had fun tasting her milestone card.

Mother-in-law was out and came back with a big golden piggy bank for my little precious!

She also came back with dinner with me... fried dry hor-fun from the same stall from which I bought lunch! We both enjoy the good food from that vegetarian stall. =)

She bought the curry vegetables too...

And in the end my dry hor-fun became curry hor-fun... hahaha~

Yummy! :D

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